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If you’ve been struggling to achieve that K-pop idol-like hair effect, it might be because you have a flat head (and that’s okay – we’re gwenchana).

Without the right hairstyle, a flat head can create the illusion of a low skull, making your face appear wider and broader.

No need to worry, though, because we’ve combed the internet to find the perfect hairstyles that will help add volume to the top of your head. These hairstyles will create the most effective face-slimming effect.

Curious to see how it changes up your look? Keep reading!

How Does Having a Flat Head Impact Your Face Shape?

flat head hairstyles

Credits: @goyounjung/Instagram

If your head is flat, it means that the top of your skull is also lower than usual. This can make your face appear wider and larger, even if you have the same hairstyle shown above.

However, there is a simple way to make your face look smaller and your features more refined. By increasing the distance between the top of your head and your face, you can instantly create the illusion of a smaller face.

Recommended hairstyles for flat head

Credits: @jung_eunhye__/Instagram

This can be achieved by finding hairstyles that add volume and fluffiness to your hair roots, such as this one shown above! You can ask your hairdresser for wider curls that frame your face.

#1 Recommended Hairstyle: 8-Shaped Bangs + Outward Curls

Recommended hairstyles for flat head

Credits: @jung_eunhye__/Instagram

This chic and trendy style not only adds dynamic movement to your hair but also strategically enhances the volume on top, dispelling any illusion of a flat head.

An airier and lighter version of the curtain fringe, the eight-shaped bangs delicately frame your face, drawing attention upwards and creating a more balanced appearance.

As for the outward curls, this technique involves styling the ends of your hair away from your face, introducing both volume and movement to your locks.

Achieving these outward curls is a breeze – simply grab your curling iron, wrap small sections of your hair around the tool, and curl them away from your face.

#2 Recommended Hairstyle: Short Hair Below the Ears

Recommended hairstyles for flat head

Credits: @jung_eunhye__/Instagram

Short hairstyles, especially those with inward curls, give the impression of elongation, particularly in the lower half of your face.

However, before you decide to cut your hair, make sure to ask your hairstylist to let it fall below your ear. This will add some volume to the side of your face and make your head shape appear more full and three-dimensional.

#3 Recommended Hairstyle: Layered Medium Short Hair

Recommended hairstyles for flat head

Credits: @jung_eunhye__/Instagram

If you’re looking to add some volume to the sides of your face, consider adding layers to your hair. This technique works wonders, especially when combined with perms that create soft, wavy curls.

Recommended hairstyles for flat head

Credits: @jung_eunhye__/Instagram

This style not only enhances the flat back of your head but also gives your hair a fuller look.

The layered curls further soften the edges and corners of your face, creating a more subtle contour. This, in turn, results in an overall softer appearance and contributes to a slimming effect on your face, cheekbones, and jawline.

#4 Recommended Hairstyle: S-Shaped Bangs + Air Perm

Recommended hairstyles for flat head

Credits: @jung_eunhye__/Instagram

If you’re a fan of long hair with a more natural curl, an air perm is worth a try! Using larger rods and a lower heat setting, an air perm delivers loose, natural-looking curls that bounce lightly, giving the impression that the air has gently tousled them.

This technique is particularly known for crafting soft and voluminous waves, providing your hair with a relaxed and effortless appearance. More importantly, it works wonders in slimming the corners of your cheekbones and lending your head a rounder, fuller look.

To enhance this effect, consider complementing the air perm with S-shaped bangs. These bangs frame your forehead in a soft and flowing manner, creating a flattering and face-framing effect.

#5 Recommended Hairstyle for Flat Heads: Buns and High Ponytails

Recommended hairstyles for flat head

Credits: @jung_eunhye__/Instagram

If perms aren’t your thing, you can simply throw your hair up into a bun or ponytail to amp up the volume on top.

The trick is to be mindful of how you tie your hair. Just make sure the hair tie doesn’t sit lower than two-thirds down from the top of your head.

This positioning will visually boost the height of your skull, especially if you have a flat head. Plus, it adds a bit of shaping on the sides, giving a rounder look to your flat head shape.

For an extra touch, consider pairing this with a hairline haircut to make your face look even smaller!

Featured image credits: @goyounjung/Instagram, @jung_eunhye__/Instagram