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OK, let’s be honest. Have you ever, when scrolling through your Instagram feed, thought to yourself: How did this person get her hair to look like that??

More often than not, we decide that it may be impossible for us to achieve these #hairgoals, in part because the humid climate that we’re subjected to means we have to resign ourselves to limp, lifeless hair.

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Well, not until you know of the hair care hack that many Instagram influencers swear by.

The secret is out: Dry shampoo

We may have the misconception that dry shampoo is only meant to be used by people as an alternative to regular shampoo. Not washing our hair everyday is a scenario that most people in Singapore cannot stand to think about. However, that’s not the only use of dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is made up of substances that absorb oil from your scalp, leaving it feeling fresher and cleaner than before. Sure, it can be used to freshen up second-day hair, but it is the “magic dust” that goes into many Instagram-worthy hair looks – and it’s applicable even for those of us who prefer to wash our hair every day.

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Our scalp produces sebum and sweat throughout the day, especially so in a humid climate like Singapore’s. This sebum and sweat weighs down our hair, which is usually what makes it go from va-va-voom voluminous to lifeless and flat.

You probably can already make the connection on how dry shampoo is going to keep your hair looking fresh all day, especially on those busy, long days where you have to stay out of the house for more than 12 hours.

hask dry shampoo

Did you know that 50% of American women, including some of your favourite celebrities like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and Oprah Winfrey, have dry shampoo in their bags?

How do I use dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is amazingly easy to use. All you need is your favourite can of dry shampoo and less than a minute of your time.

hask dry shampoo how to 1

Step 1: Section off hair

hask dry shampoo how to 2

Step 2: Shake the can well, then hold it 25-30cm away and spray onto roots

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Step 3: Wait 30 seconds and brush through or massage with finger tips

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Step 4: Style your hair as desired, and you’re done!

Psst… we’ve found the hair care brand used on Hollywood sets

Filming movies and TV shows, especially in Hollywood, can be a long and dreary business, often starting in the wee hours of the morning and ending past midnight. With all the set lightings and costume makeup being used, it’s also no surprise that dry shampoos and other hair care products have become something of an absolutely necessity to keep the actors and actresses’ hairstyles alive and kicking all the time.

We’ve found the hair care brand that has been used on the sets of movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Baywatch, American Horror Story, La La Land, Stranger Things, and more!

And the brand we’re talking about is… Hask!

Is Hask Dry Shampoo good?

hask colour block 1

The Hask brand started in Europe in 2012, and has enjoyed great success. They specialise in utilising exotic oils in their range, and their dry shampoos are no different.

Hask has a #NoNasties policy, where they strenuously avoid using parabens, sulphates, alcohol, phthalates, glutens, artificial colours, and other damaging chemicals in their hair products, and use primarily natural ingredients that are not only nutritious for your hair, but also smells amazing.

For those of us who have tried dry shampoo before, you’d know that some brands may leave a white residue in the roots of your hair, and it almost looks like you’ve sprinkled baby powder there, or worse, dandruff.

Thankfully, Hask promises only high quality dry shampoos that leave no stain nor white residue. It boasts long-lasting oil absorption, leaving hair feeling and smelling fresh and clean, while also adding a lightweight volumising effect to hair – which is exactly what we need to achieve Instagram-worthy hair all day, even when we’re not posing for a photo.

Which one should you use?

Hask offers a range of dry shampoos that you can choose according to your hair needs and preference.

If you have coloured hair…

Get the Kalahari Dry Shampoo.

It contains ingredients which are specially included to help prevent fading in coloured hair, so you can retain your head of rainbow, while refreshing your hair at the same time.


  • UV absorber to prevent colour from fading and damage
  • Ultra-fine rich starch to soak up oil, sweat and odour
  • An exotic kalahari melon scent
hask dry shampoo kalahari 2

If you have normal hair, but long days…

Get the Coconut Dry Shampoo.

You may not have particularly dry or oily hair, but want to refresh your hair’s volume and texture after work, before you head out to hit the town. This dry shampoo is for you, as it will leave your hair looking bouncy and rejuvenated, ready for a night out!


  • Ultra-fine rich starch to soak up oil, sweat and odour
  • A tropical coconut scent
hask dry shampoo coconut

If you don’t have the time to wash your hair every night…

Get the Argan Dry Shampoo.

We’re not judging! Some of us work extra long hours every day, so washing your hair at night might be a luxury of time that you don’t have. The Argan Dry Shampoo is formulated exactly for your second-day hair (your second day of non-washing).


  • Argan-infused formula
  • Ultra-fine rich starch to soak up oil, sweat and odour
  • An orange citrus scent
hask dry shampoo argan

If you have oily hair…

Get the Charcoal Purifying Dry Shampoo.

As you may expect, this dry shampoo offers extra strength when it comes to absorbing that oil, sweat, and odour. It has a super-cleansing formula, ideal for those of us struggling with overly oily scalps!


  • Ultra-fine rich starch infused with charcoal powder to soak up oil, sweat and odour
  • A botanical citrus scent
hask dry shampoo charcoal

If you tend to have flat, lifeless hair…

Get the Chia Seed Voluminizing Dry Shampoo.

For those of us who have very fine hair strands, it’s a struggle trying to keep your hair looking voluminous. This dry shampoo, apart from smelling great, also uses its main super-volumising ingredient, chia seed, to transform your hair from flat and lifeless to va-va-voom.


  • Ultra-fine rich starch to soak up oil, sweat and odour
  • A floral tea scent

Hask’s dry shampoo retails at local Guardian stores for S$19.90.