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With the coming of the Lunar New Year, beauty junkies might be feeling the pressure to clean up their beauty stations, or well, at least, tidy up so visitors won’t think they belong on an episode of Hoarders.

Of course, it might not be as easy as some of our favourite YouTubers, who have an entire room of shelves dedicated to just beauty. However, there are some tips we can learn from them for a more organised table and less time spent searching for that darn lipstick at 6am in the morning. After all, for every minute spent organising, an hour is earned.

1. Lipstick holders and towers

“What’s the point of having this huge spinning contraption when all my lipsticks fit perfectly in my drawer?” Yes, we hear you.

Well, for one, you won’t be digging around in a panic for a particular shade when you’re in a hurry. That lipstick you were looking for is in your hands with one small spin. Also, it’s a fun addition to your morning routine to spin the tower around when deciding which shade to pick!

makeup organisation

Ikee Acrylic Rotating 64 Lipstick Tower is available on Amazon for USD27.98 (about SGD36.95).

2. Candle jars, small mugs and… plant pots?

Used up your expensive Jo Malone candle but can’t bear to throw the jar away? Use it as a brush holder! Decorative mugs work too, and you can get really big ones that can fit in all your huge powder brushes. They work for pencils and liquid lip products as well. Jaime Page even used plant pots from IKEA to store her extensive makeup brush collection! For an alternative to the famous white IKEA pot, try these fun, colourful ones!

makeup organisation
IKEA PAPAJA Plant Pot is available at IKEA for SGD7.90 each.

3. Use acrylic dividers to store makeup palettes

Acrylics are the answer to all our storage prayers. Transparent, sturdy, and chic. What more could we ask for? Now that we’ve used them for our lipsticks, why not makeup palettes as well? These racks can store magazines, letters, books, and evidently makeup palettes as seen in Desi Perkins’ storage video. Watch how she used these to display her dozens of palettes!

makeup organisation

Small Acrylic Divider is available at MUJI stores for SGD19.

4. Colour-classify EVERYTHING!

Organise Makeup Products

This is key to zooming-in on and reaching your lipstick, blushes and single eyeshadows at top speed. Reds, purples, pinks each get their own tray if possible; or go from lightest to darkest, whichever works best for you. This is one of the best ways to spot the particular product you want and save you more time than you think.

5. Label your drawers

This is an especially useful tip if you have opaque drawers. This does not only helps save time, but reminds you where things should go when you’re done. Putting them back is key to a de-cluttered makeup space, and makes things easier for yourself the next day! Use an instant label maker to print out neat stickers, but you can also simply use marker on washi tape for a super cute look!

makeup organisation

K&Company Label Maker is available on Amazon for USD8.88 (about SGD11.70).

6. Marble is in trend

Who knew kitchenware could be belong in our vanity rooms too? Kristin Johns, Kelsey Simone, and Zoella have all shown that marble boards and display stands are a sophisticated and minimalist way to display our precious collections of perfumes and jewellery (if the space on our vanity allows it). Using a lazy susan makes it easy to reach our perfumes without having to worry about toppling over bottles too!

makeup organisation

Fox Run Marble Lazy Susan is available at Amazon for USD26.51 (about SGD35).

7. Fairy lights brighten up any space!

One of the most common things about beauty rooms are that fairy lights are always present. And for good reason! They add a sparkling, dreamy touch to a spaces where there is inadequate light. It also gets you in the mood while you’re doing your makeup for a night out with friends or a romantic date, perhaps? (;

beauty room

Silver Wire Fairy Lights in Cold White and other designs are available at Misty Daydream for SGD7.90 to 12.90.

8. Beautyblender stands are a thing

Many of us are hyper-aware that our vanity stands are sometimes not as clean as they could be, and the thing that touches our face directly, our beautyblenders, are left rolling around all day! A stand will elevate our sponges from dirty surfaces and keeps our vanity organised. Any egg stand will do, but this rose gold offering is pretty adorable!

beauty room

Hestya Makeup Sponge Holder is available on Amazon for USD8.59 (about SGD11.35).

9. Use drawer dividers instead of multiple units

Maximise the space of your drawers with dividers instead of buying multiple MUJI sets to accommodate your collection! Too many units on your table could confuse you, and drawer dividers have multiple compartments to sort out different products by category. Watch how Patricia Bright uses IKEA foam dividers for an expensive look for less!

beauty room

IKEA BESTÅ drawer dividers and more designs are available at IKEA stores for SGD15.

10. Drawers on your vanity don’t have to be acrylic!

All of us are more than familiar with the MUJI acrylic drawers that are functional and pretty at the same time. However, to add a touch of uniqueness to your rooms, try rose gold or pink metallic drawers for your makeup, watches and other accessories.

beauty room

Beautify Large Rose Gold Jewellery Box & Makeup Organiser is available at Amazon for USD19.99 (about SGD26.40).

Featured image from Diana Saldana.