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We all know that when Aunt Flo comes a-visiting, it also means another thing: the onslaught of nasty breakouts in the form of – sometimes, huge, red, angry pimples!

But especially when they’re right in a super obvious spot like the chin, the nose or the worst – right smack dab in between your eyebrows where everyone notices immediately.

And often, in our desperation to cover the pimple by caking it with tons and tons of concealer, this can one: worsen the appearance of it, and two: aggravate it, causing the pimple to stay way longer than it really should.

Here’re five super simple tips to concealing your pimples while also quickening the healing process.

1. Use a thin acne patch before dabbing on concealer


You’ve probably seen these along the beauty aisle of your favourite drugstores, so surely you don’t really need us telling you that this baby here is super useful for acne. But more than just covering up an ugly red pimple, you can also choose to cover it over with some foundation and voila – it’ll just blend in with the rest of your skin!

Plus, your angry pimple will remain entirely free from contact of your makeup – bonus!

P.S. Be sure to get acne patches that are on the thinner side – you don’t want anyone to know you’re actively trying to cover your pimple, after all!

We recommend the Medicube Red Spot Solution Needle Patch that contains tea-tree extract, which, as we all know, helps to promote faster healing by drying out the pimple on the inside! Alternatively, if you’re on a budget, simply go with the classic Nexcare Acne Patch that everyone can’t stop talking about!

2. Use a spot treatment

Conceal Pimples Without Aggravating Them 2

If you’re scared of the acne patches possibly sticking out uncomfortably or just don’t like the thought of a skin-coloured patch on your face the whole day, then get yourself a spot treatment gel!

Great to use especially if you’re looking to calm redness down quickly, some spot treatments like the Origins Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel also creates a protective film so that your acne remains bacteria and makeup-free – so yes, go ahead and dab on some concealer guilt-free.

3. Use a primer

Conceal Pimples Without Aggravating Them 3

You know how makeup gurus or experts online always tell you to use a primer because it creates a protective barrier so your foundation doesn’t slip into the cracks and fine lines of your skin?

Same concept here. The protective layer created by primers, just like how it helps in creating a smooth canvas for the face before foundation, also helps to prevent bacteria and makeup from entering your pores AND pimples.

What we recommend? We’d say go with whatever primer has worked for you so far – but our personal favourite? A cult classic, Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer.

4. Swap your regular concealers for medicated concealers

Conceal Pimples Without Aggravating Them 4

Invest in concealers that contain acne-healing and soothing ingredients such as tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and camphor. These concealers are generally able to not just cover up the appearance of pimples, but also help them heal faster in the process.

Our personal recommendation? Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer, mostly because it has received rave reviews and is often highly recommended by beauty junkies alike.

5. Make sure to wash your makeup brushes and sponges before putting on your concealer!

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Kind of a duh thing, but let’s be honest – even the better of us have had our moments of being negligent in washing our makeup brushes, especially after a long day at work.

And more often than not (and something we perhaps don’t quite like to admit), the reason why we have these breakouts in the first place. Ugh.

So why do you want to wash your makeup brushes now? Because the last thing you want to do is: introduce even more accumulated bacteria that’ll end up inducing even more breakouts, or worsen your red, angry pimples with said accumulated bacteria from dirty brushes or beauty blenders.

Oh and if your fingers are your most trusty applicators, remember to always wash your hands thoroughly before you start the makeup routine.