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If adjectives like “stiff” and “fake” come to mind when you think of breast implants, it’s time to get on with the times. Gone were the days when there are limited options for breast implants, resulting in the inability of doctors to help patients achieve the ideal silhouette they want.

Thankfully, advancement in aesthetic medicine means that there are actually many, many options for breast implants. Besides sizes, you can also choose the shape, and even texture of the implants. Each of these factors affect how the result of the breast augmentation turn out.

While we’re glad that there are more options for better customisation, it also means that there’s more need than ever for us to know what we should look out for when it comes to breast implants. To learn more about the variety of options available and their differences, we asked TL Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea for their insight.

Tl Plastic Surgery Dryim

TL Plastic Surgery Clinic was established in Seoul in 2011 and is located in the Gangnam region (this area is well known for reputable plastic surgery clinics). The director of TL Plastic Surgery Korea is Dr. Yim Joonghyuk, who has dedicated his entire career over the last 20 years to breast surgeries and is best known for producing natural-looking results. This is why we can’t think of a better person to answer of questions about breast implants.

What are the breast implants options available?

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When it comes to breast implants, many people only talk about sizes. However size (also known as volume) of the implants only affects cup size. The fullness of breasts is affected by implant projection and the resulting cleavage is determined by the base of the implant. All three factors have to be considered and decided by the patient after a consultation with an experienced doctor in order to achieve the desired breast augmentation outcome.

But don’t just stop at researching about sizes. You should also look into the types of surfaces you want – either smooth or textured. Smooth implants are great if you want the most natural touch or feel. They give the softest feeling and are able to move more easily. Now, you might be wondering why anyone would go for textured implants. This is because textured implants, while less likely to move, reduce the risk of them being re-positioned.

Finally, make a decision on shape. Options include: round, oval, or contoured, and in different sizes and projections. If you’re looking to increase the fullness of breasts’ upper-pole, round implants will give the best result in most cases. On the other hand, oval and teardrop-shaped implants are best able to mimic the natural breast shape for Asians, and give more fullness to the lower pole.

How should we go about making the right choice of breast implants?

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TL Plastic Surgery Clinic uses Motiva Implants, a line of breast implants that offers 500 choices. This is recommended by Dr. Yim for his patients because the comprehensive selection means that he has a solution for every patient.

Motiva Implants also solve certain problems that traditional implants come with. For instance, for women who prefer textured implants but are worried about the effects and results, Movita Implants have unique surfaces that don’t use foreign materials like salt or sugar, and are designed for better biocompatibility. Their nano-surfaces also promote a more natural interaction between the implant and surrounding tissue, resulting in a more natural-looking movement.

Remember what you read above about how implant projections affect how full breasts look? Motiva Implants have the most adequate range of implant projections to choose from to ensure desired results are achieved.

Dr. Yim also shares that Motiva Implants is created with a technology that helps with optimal shape retention and avoid unwanted fill material migration. These benefits make Motiva Implants suitable for breast implant revision surgery.

Of course, the right choice of breast implants isn’t always the easiest to make. This is why it is important that you consult with a doctor that you can trust. Look for a doctor doesn’t just have experience in plastic surgery, but has also done many breast augmentation surgeries so you know you are in good hands.

Be open with your doctor about your lifestyle and the desired results that you want, so that your doctor can lay out all the feasible breast implant and surgical procedure options for you, and share with you every pro and con so you can make a great, discerned decision.

How does a doctor help in the decision process?

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The decision on the best breast implants to go for isn’t an easy one. It has to be a collaborative process between the patient and doctor to determine the best implants to achieve desirable results.

Curious what the process for breast augmentation may look like? Here’s an example from TL Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Yim, who has been specialising in breast surgeries for more than two decades, personally goes through every part of the procedure to make sure he is responsible throughout the process. It includes pre-operation consultation, operation, and also post-operative check-up.

The areas that he will assess for his patients include: giving advice on the size that harmonises with the patient’s bodily configurations, solve the problems she has with her breast, and understanding her lifestyle, chest size, shape of thorax, and breasts to determine the appropriate surgical method.

Finally, after meticulous and accurate analysis, selecting the surgical approach, type and size of implants, which doesn’t just help patients achieve their desired breasts look, but also take into account the asymmetry of body that they may be unaware of.

Do you have a question for Dr. Yim?

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