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When it comes to makeup, getting your foundation right means half the race has been won. After all, good foundation doesn’t just help to conceal blemishes on skin, it also gives your complexion a natural-looking glow.

We know many of you struggle with finding the right foundation, so here are tips that are going to help you ace your base, once and for all. And we’re talking about more than just picking out the right shade.

1. It depends on your skin type

What works on your friend’s skin may not always work on you. Do you have dry, oily, or combination skin?

You have dry skin: A product that has hydrating properties and easy to glide on will give you a smooth-looking finish.

You have oily skin: Besides looking for a foundation with a mattifying formula, you can also consider investing in a good powder foundation. A good powder foundation is able to help with oil control while delivering a smooth canvas.

You have combination skin: Apply a hydrating foundation first, then tap on some powder foundation over oily areas such as your T-zone.

DV Recommends: Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero (Powder). Whether you have oily or combination skin, what you need is a product that could stand strong against Singapore’s humid weather.

This product that has been hailed as a holy grail for many, doesn’t just have oil-controlling properties, but also provides even coverage and comfortable, long-lasting wear. We love how ideal it is for touch-ups – simply pat it gently on greasy areas and you’ll find your makeup looking intact once again.

2. Consider your skin’s concerns

You should also consider the skin issues you’d like to address when you pick your foundation. Here are a few common scenarios that women in Singapore face:

You want to hide blemishes: While concealer does the job in hiding imperfections, always opt for a high coverage foundation so you can use less concealer. This is because concealer has the tendency to look cakey over time, emphasising on areas you’re correcting instead.

You just want a brightened skin tone: If your skin is generally problem-free but you want to see more glow in your complexion, consider using just a CC base for a barely-there makeup look.

DV Recommends: Kate Secret Skin CC Base Zero. This CC base has pore-blurring properties to offer you an air-brushed look. Infused with beauty-up pearl powder, it also brightens your complexion and improve it over time.

Wear it on its own if your skin is generally clear, or layer it under your favourite foundation to keep it more long-lasting and to brighten your overall skin tone.

Your skin gets oily quickly: Invest in a good powder foundation. Either use it on its own or lightly dust some of it over your makeup to set it. Bring it around for touch-ups by dabbing it lightly onto areas that are shiny so your makeup still looks light.

3. Your preference matters too

Some of you may be blessed with good skin so the first two tips don’t apply to you very much. In this case, your preference for makeup looks matters.

Foundation that gives a dewy finish is typically used in Korean makeup looks and makes your skin look hydrated and glowing.

On the other hand, matte foundation presents a more sophisticated look and is generally favoured in Western makeup looks.

4. What’s the occasion?


Do you have different foundations that are suited for a variety of occasions? For instance, if you’re intending to wear makeup to an outdoor activity, your foundation should be able to hold up to sweat and heat. It should also have superior oil-control properties.

On the other hand, if you’re going for an indoor event that involves a lot of photography, your foundation should stand up to flash photography.


DV Recommends: Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero (Liquid). This may be a lightweight liquid foundation but it is able to pick up heavy duty. Thanks to its place-and-spread technology, it provides great coverage for problematic areas, adjust redness, and improve brightness in one stroke. It can even smooth out the look of pores without looking cakey.

On top of this, the DV team has tested it and sees that there is minimal transfer against water, making it great for use outdoors. It also continues to make your skin look flawless in flash photography.

Let’s just say that it’s the product to try if you want the best of both worlds.

5. Finally, pick the right shade for your skin tone

Of course, choosing a shade that matches your skin tone is important. Here are a few tips that will help you find your match easily at the stores:

  • Instead of testing the shade on your hand, which is probably of a different tone compared to your face, test it along your jawline and consider how it looks against your neck too. The correct shade for you should look like it has “disappeared” into your skin.
  • Use natural light to test the shade because indoors lighting may skew how the makeup really looks on you. After swatching it, walk out of the store or near a window to have a better look.
  • Sometimes foundation may oxidise or cake after it is allowed to set. Leaving the product on for at least 30 minutes after you’ve swatched it will allow you to have a better idea how the product works on you.

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