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We all know that feeling: You see a new lip product online and are instantly compelled to order it because of how plump, juicy, and flawless the models’ lips look wearing it.

When it arrives in the mail, though, you feel a slight pang of disappointment as it appears somewhat lacklustre and uneven on your own lips.

But before you curse Photoshop for enabling such a deception, check out this step-by-step tutorial from Korean beauty YouTuber, Saerom Min. By the end of it, you should be able to nail that advertisement-level pout you’re looking for!

Step 1: Know what to look for in a lip base

Credit: Rom&nd

There are three essential factors to consider when choosing your lip pencil — texture, colour, and tip size.

In terms of texture, you want to go with one that’s matte, long-lasting, and provides good coverage. This helps ensure that any discolouration you have on your lips is evened out before you apply a lipstick or tinted lip gloss on top.

Saerom recommends going with K-beauty brand Rom&nd’s Lip Mate Pencil, that comes in a variety of cool-toned and warmed-toned shades.

How do you tell if the coverage is sufficient? Test it out at the back of your hand first. If it is able to conceal a mole or freckle, then it’ll be good enough to cover the discolouration on your lips.

We recommend going with a matte lip pencil instead of a glossy one, as they tend to do a better job as a base!

Next, the colour of your lip pencil should ideally match the shade of the lipstick or gloss you intend to wear over. For instance, if you’re using a cool-toned lipstick or gloss, your base should also be cool-toned. The same goes for a warm-toned lip look.

She also recommends that those with naturally dark blue or purple lips use warm-toned lip products, such as peachy or coral-coloured lippies!

Lastly, the size of your lip pencil’s tip also matters. Pick one with a rounded and tapered edge, especially if you’re a beginner.

Step 2: Choose your lip pencil shade

Stuck on which hue to go for? These four shades from Rom&nd are Saerom’s go-tos when creating flawless lip looks. The first two suit those who have lighter lips best, while the latter two complement those with darker lip tones.

1. Tenderly peach

As the name suggests, Tenderly peach is a warm-toned peach shade that works perfect if you have a ton of lip discolouration that you want to cover.

2. Dovey pink

Dovey pink is a cool-toned colour that is recommended if you have particularly pale or light-coloured lips.

3. Kaya beige

Kaya Beige is a warm-toned, greyish-peach shade that gives that classic MLBB (my lips but better) look.

4. Fig breeze

Lastly, Fig Breeze is a greyish-pink shade that offers a more toned-down look.

You can go with any lip pencil you like, but just ensure that you don’t steer too far from your original lip colour when choosing a shade, as it will be harder to blend in and look slightly unnatural!

Rom&nd Lip Mate pencil retails for S$20.60 at Shopee. A sale is on at the time of writing. Click in to see the latest price!

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Step 3: Prep your lips

Before you put anything, star off by first exfoliating your lips. You can apply some lip balm the night before or the morning of, and use a damp cotton pad to wipe off the dead skin on your lips.

The beauty guru recommends Carmax lip balms, to achieve soft and flake-free lips!

Next, lightly dab on some product from your cushion foundation, and dust on some powder afterwards. While there will still be some visible discolouration at this point, this fuss-free method helps prep your lips sufficiently for the next step.

Step 4: Line and fill your lips

Next, line your lips from the outside in, making sure to hold your lip pencil downwards at a 45-degree angle. Don’t apply too much pressure, as this removes the base makeup you applied earlier!

Using soft and gentle strokes, shape your lips, and go in with a small brush of your fingertips to blend it out slightly.

See how much more evenly-toned your lips look already?

Do the same thing for the middle part of your lips, being careful to avoid applying too much product on the innermost part of your lips where they meet. This is to prevent your lips from chapping, caused by the saliva around that region when you talk.

Step 5: Apply a buildable lip gloss or lipstick

Following this, simply pop on some tinted lip product that matches the tone of your lip base! Saerom used the warm-toned Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint in the shade #31 Bare Apricot on the left and the cool-toned Rom&nd Blur Fudge Tint in the shade #15 Berry Fizz with a gloss on top on the right.

You’ll definitely be receiving compliments on how pretty your lips look once you start putting these tips to use!

Rom&nd Lip Juicy Lasting Tint retails for S$23.33 at Shopee, and Rom&nd Blur Fudge Tint retails for S$22.89 at Shopee. Sales are on at the time of writing. Click in to see the latest prices!

Featured image credit: Saerom Min/YouTube