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We can’t all be Cara Delevingne, but we sure can aspire to have bushy brows like hers. Full-looking brows are arguably the biggest beauty trend of the decade, and it’s not hard to see why: thick, well-shaped brows not only frame the face better, but also make one look younger and more energetic.

While some of us might achieve this rather easily, others will need a little help in the eyebrow department. Factors like over-plucking (the legacy of the 90s), nutritional deficiencies, or naturally sparse brows make “eyebrows on fleek” sound like a dream. But fret not, because we’ve put together six tips for fuller-looking brows that will make Cara proud!

1. Nail down your makeup technique

Always start with clean and dry brows. After lightly drawing out your desired brow shape, use a spoolie to brush eyebrow hairs upwards, so that you can get a closer look at where they are uneven and need filling in.

Use an eyebrow pencil in a shade that’s closest to your brow colour and colour in sparser areas for a natural-looking finish. Use short strokes to mimic natural hair and gently fill in sparse areas.

When you’re done evening out both brows, use an angled eye brush with a brow powder to define them more. Be careful not to overdo the inner corners or the tails of the brow, since that will result in an overly harsh look.

If you do go in too hard, though, don’t worry. Just use the spoolie to brush through your brows and it will blend out the powder, so alternate between the brow powder and the spoolie until you’re satisfied. Lastly, use a brow gel to set hairs in place. Voila! Instantly fuller brows.

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2. Don’t pluck!

If you always find that your brows look too thin and arched all the time, chances are that you’ve been over-plucking (or waxing, or tweezing) your brows. Your brow hairs have a growth cycle of about three to four months, so try leaving them alone for at least 12 weeks to let them grow in.

If that feels too long for you, try to at least limit your brow grooming sessions to once every six to eight weeks. I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked out of a brow shaping session wishing I had waited a bit longer between appointments! Yes, it’s actually possible not to get your brows shaped at all and simply pluck stray hairs yourself at home.

When your eyebrow hairs are not being plucked incessantly, they are allowed to grow thicker and fuller, revealing the natural shape of your brow.

3. Ever heard of eyebrow wigs?

Apparently there are actually wigs for your eyebrows now (whatever will they think of next?), and you can get them online. Sure, it sounds crazy at first, but when you realise what a great idea this is, you’ll be surprised no one thought of this sooner. For people who just have naturally sparse brows and can never get them to grow back, this might be the lifesaver they’ve been looking for!

Brow wigs are made with real human hair and come in a variety of tints so that you can easily match your hair colour. They are natural looking and already have that feathery look, saving you a lot of time since that effect takes a lot of effort to recreate using makeup.

While they may seem a little pricey (a quick Google search turns up wigs that start from about USD 25 a pair), these are reusable and come with adhesive for easy application. Brow wigs even come in a range of shapes, so you can really choose the one that suits you best.

4. Oils are your friends

Oils, in particular castor oil, are known to help boost hair growth. If you can’t get your hands on castor oil, you can also use other oils, like olive oil or coconut oil, or even Vaseline. For this to work, you’ll need to have patience, but the promises are said to be worth the perseverance.

Every night, soak a cotton bud in pure castor oil and apply it to your eyebrows. Massage the oil gently into the skin, being careful not to rip any existing hairs out. After a few minutes of massaging the oil into your brows, leave it on for about 30 minutes before washing it off with a mild cleanser and water.

Castor oil contains many hair-growth-friendly components, such as protein, antioxidants, and fatty acids that will nourish the hair follicles and stimulate growth. Alternatively, olive oil and coconut oil have the added effect of darkening brow hairs, giving the illusion of thicker brows more quickly.

DV recommends: Massaging the brow area from time to time in the day even without oils can also help to stimulate the blood flow to the area and help with hair growth!

5. Try microblading (it isn’t as scary as it sounds)

Eyebrow microblading has been around for a while now, but it has only been popularised in recent years. Microblading is suitable whether you want to completely reconstruct your brow shape, simply fill in gaps, or create a higher arch. Results are semi-permanent and natural-looking, since a microblading “pen” is used to draw individual brow hairs stroke by stroke.

In just a couple of hours of the procedure (with no downtime after), your new and thicker brows will be ready and will last at least three years with annual touch-ups! This is a pricier option for those who don’t mind spending more so that they can wake up every morning with brows perfect and ready to tackle the day.

6. Load up on the right nutrients

Certain vitamins and minerals help with hair growth, so look at adding them into your diet if you want to achieve fuller looking brows naturally. B vitamins, especially B-1, B-2, and biotin, are important nutrients for hair growth and they can be found in dairy products, whole grains, vegetables, and meats. B vitamins are widely available and easily obtained in many foods, so there’s no excuse to be skipping this key nutrient.

Protein is also important for hair growth as well, since hair is made out of keratin, a protein. Get your protein from meats, beans, and nuts. Lastly, add iron to your diet by consuming more leafy vegetables, eggs, and fruit. With enough iron in your blood, hair follicles can receive adequate oxygen and hair grows faster and stronger.