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As if acne isn’t already annoying, the pimples on your chin can be particularly grating on your nerves. They’re painful, they’re unsightly, and sometimes they overstay their welcome and never seem to be able to leave.

With a mask being a standard “accessory” when we’re out and about today, the problem of pimples on chin seems to only get worse.

If you have been trying to get rid of pimples on your chin but haven’t had much improvements, try these tips and tricks in this article. Here are the most updated tips that can help get rid of chin pimples – you can thank us later!

What cause pimples on chin?

There are several possible reasons you’re consistently getting pimples on your chin. Here are some that you may identify with:

  • Hormones: Some studies suggest that pimples on chin are associated with hormones. Androgens (hormones that are often linked to “male” traits but are present in both genders) stimulate the production of sebum, which clog pores and cause pimples. Women produce more androgens as they approach their menstrual period and this trigger the production of more sebum, particularly at the chin area. If you notice that the pimples on your chin typically appear when you’re nearing that time of the month, there’s a good chance that the cause of your acne problem is hormonal.
  • Mask wear: “Maskne” often appear around the chin which is covered by the fabric. Mask wear causes heat, friction, and an accumulation of moisture (through our breath and perspiration) at the area, leading to acne caused by occlusion.
  • Hygiene: Some of us may habitually touch our chin or leave oil or food particles on our chin after eating. This can introduce bacteria to the area, leading to inflammation.

Read on for solutions that may help with your pimples on chin concern.

Get over-the-counter products

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If you already have a raging zit on your chin, your best bet is to start applying acne medication on it. An active pimple is a bacterial infection, which means that you have to either have to wait it out or cure it.

While many people might be tempted to pop the chin pimple, we’d generally recommend that you refrain from that and instead use a proper acne medication. There are many to choose from even without having to go to the doctor.

From the drugstore, you can get acne medications with benzoyl peroxide in 5% and 10% concentrations (the higher it goes, the more effective but also the more drying it gets on your skin), sulphur, and salicyclic acid.

If you feel like you need something stronger, approach the pharmacy and get an antibiotic cream, gel, or lotion, which will go straight to the root of the problem and start killing those annoying acne bacteria.

Avoid resting your chin on your hand

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Sometimes we’re not even aware of the various habits that we have when we’re zoning out, thinking, or just day dreaming. Resting our chins on our hand might feel like a very natural, and almost subconscious, action.

If you’re prone to chin pimples, this is one thing you need to try to be more conscious of to stop yourself from doing.

Our hands come into contact with the most surfaces in a day, and consequently pick up a ton of bacteria. Resting your chin on your palm puts your chin into contact with all those bacteria, and gives bacteria the chance to start breeding there.

Change your toothpaste

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If you don’t seem to be able to get rid of that ridiculously old chin pimple, you might want to re-evaluate your lifestyle to determine if anything frequently coming into contact with your chin might be prolonging its stay.

It may be surprising, but a common culprit that nobody seems to think about is your toothpaste.

More often than not, the foam from your toothpaste will be draped all over your chin when you brush your teeth twice a day (or more!). Many toothpastes contain a ton of drying chemicals that may help in removing dirt and bacteria from your teeth, but may in fact be too drying and irritating for your chin.

Look out for toothpastes without sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) or anything that sounds remotely like it. If this seems to make things better, then you might want to consider changing your entire wardrobe of hygiene products like your body gel and shampoos for SLS-free alternatives, as they’re a common skin irritant that may cause itchiness, dryness, and acne.

Reduce the chance of maskne


As we’ve mentioned, mask wear may be the reason why you’re getting pimples on chin more frequently now.

Since we have to wear a mask, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chance of pimple occurrence.

First, consider changing your mask more regularly throughout the day. Bring additional masks that you can swap out to reduce the accumulation of moist and other impurities.

And once you can remove your mask, cleanse your skin thoroughly. Do a double-cleanse: an oil cleanser to remove all traces of sebum, followed by a water-based to eliminate all remaining impurities. Then, pat off gently with a towel to keep the area dry.

Note that besides mask wear, other activities that may cause “stress” on your chin may include wearing a helmet or playing a musical instrument that requires you to press your chin against a rest.

Curate your lip products

get rid of chin pimples fast

Are you a lipstick junkie or a lip balm addict? These might be the culprits to your stubborn chin pimples.

You might be wondering why lip products would have an effect on your chin – after all, it’s not like they’re coming into direct contact with the skin there, right?

Nope. Sometimes, lip products can transfer or smudge on to your chin through movement of the lips, especially when you’re eating.

With lip colours and lipsticks, this isn’t much of a problem because they’re usually highly pigmented, and you’d immediately wipe them away once you notice that happening. Lip balms and lip glosses, especially those that are colourless or very sheer, would be more invisible and therefore more insidious in causing chin pimples from wax buildup on your skin.

If you have to use a lip balm, get one that is unscented and non-flavoured, which reduces the chances of anything in it irritating your skin and causing those chin pimples. Also avoid any lip product that produces a minty, cooling sensation on your lips.

Change your diet


The food that you eat can sometimes be triggering inflammation on your chin area without you realising. While foods aren’t usually direct causes of acne, they may sometimes aggravate inflammation, causing us to break out.

If you suspect a food item may be the cause of your chin acne, consider keeping a food journal so you can track the food you eat against the instances of pimples. Also, remember to clean your mouth area (including the chin) after every meal to make sure that you keep the chin area clean.

See a doctor

get rid of chin pimples fast

If none of the above apply to you, or you’ve tried them all and nothing seems to work to get rid of your chin pimples, then consider the possibility that it might be due to hormones, a condition common in women.

If this is the case, it’d be best to consult a general practitioner, gynaecologist, or dermatologist, who will be able to prescribe to you medications to help with that.

These medications will typically be either tretinoin creams applied on the skin, or even birth control pills (they help with regulating hormones).