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Those who have taken the plunge to chop off their fringe will know that bangs require styling for it to look good. And this isn’t always easy, which is why BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s impeccable bangs that never seem to move was such a curiosity.

Besides struggling with volume, one of the most common annoyances that those with bangs face is this: bangs that always “open up” in the middle. This is probably at where you’ve been parting your hair before you cut your fringe short. The “memory” from the parting your hair this way for a long time makes your hair move naturally in the direction it is used to. It could also be due to our habit of sweeping our fringe in a certain direction, without us even noticing we do.

We recently chanced upon a video tutorial on social media platform Xiaohongshu. The video creator shared a nifty hack that helps style and tame bangs that are prone to opening up in the middle in – guess what? – two minutes!

And that’s not even the best part. You also don’t need any special tools to pull this off – just two hair clips or bobby pins will do!

Hack: How to prevent your bangs from opening up in the middle


Step 1: Divide your fringe into two parts
Step 2: Take the part on your right to the left and secure with a clip
Step 3: Take the other part on your left to the right and secure with a clip
Step 4: Let them rest for a few minutes, release the clips, comb through your bangs with your fingers or a comb – and you’re done!
Extra tip: If you also struggle with volume, you can also run a hairdryer towards the roots of your hair after Step 3.

You can watch the full video tutorial here.

I tried this hack and here’s how it went

I cut my fringe a few months ago and it hasn’t always been easy to style it especially because I have naturally wavy hair that’s rather stubborn.

In order to get the neat bangs that don’t “open up”, I usually take quite a bit of time to tame it. Here’s what I’d usually do: wet it, comb through till it’s neat, then use a rounded comb to hold the fringe so it curves in, before running a hairdryer till it dries.

This was why I decided to try out the hack; it sounds simple (you don’t need to be a hairstyling pro to pull it off) and I love that I didn’t need to invest in any special tool or device. Most importantly, it is not time-consuming at all.

Here’s how it went:


Left: My fringe when I wake up in the morning | Right: My fringe after I tried the hack.

Win! This hack totally works and it saved at least 10 minutes of my time every morning!

What’s more I usually won’t sit idle while waiting for my hair to “set”; I wear my hair in the recommended way before proceeding with my skincare and makeup routine since it keeps my fringe out of the way too, which means it practically takes no time at all for me to get my bangs ready.

I highly recommend you try the hack for yourself if you have the same problem as me. Share with us how it went on our social media channels! We’re on Facebook and Instagram and we’d love if you tag us in your posts.

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