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Eyelashes are very important as they play a huge role in screening out dust by triggering the blink reflex to protect the eyes. More than that, they are considered an important attribute that make you look attractive.

Longer lashes are easily achieved with the use of mascara, false lashes, and even eyelash extensions! However, did you know that these would potentially cause harm and damage the condition of your eyelashes in the long run?

Not to worry, we have included 12 tips you can try at home, so that you can still go ahead and beautify your lashes while managing the damage done to them.

1. Remove eye makeup at the end of the day

Lash Breakage Tips Remove Eye Makeup


We shouldn’t have to remind you of the importance of removing your makeup, right? But let us be a bit of a nag today.

By removing your makeup thoroughly, you prevent any remaining particles from getting trapped into the lash hair follicle, which can lead to a nasty eye infection or a stye! Going straight to bed with your mascara or falsies on will only stiffen your lashes and make them more prone to breakage as you toss & turn in bed.

Make this a priority before you dive into the next few tips to salvage your eyelashes.

2. Be gentle when you cleanse

Lash Breakage Tips Cleansing Method

Yes, it can get frustrating trying to remove all that waterproof mascara, but you should never tug at your lashes or use harsh motions around the eye area while cleansing.

It is best to use an oil-based makeup remover that is specifically made to dissolve eye makeup. Soak your cotton pad with the makeup remover solution and leave it on the eyes for about 30 seconds to let the eye makeup dissolve. Then, use gentle downward motions to remove any remaining makeup. You may want to use a cotton bud for areas that are a bit harder to clean.

3. Switch to regular mascara

Did you know that waterproof mascaras are formulated with ingredients that have a drying effect on your eyelashes? In the long run, lashes gets weaker and are more prone to fall out.

Save waterproof mascara only for important occasions that you know can’t afford to smudge up, and on other days, use a regular mascara.

4. Use false eyelashes sparingly

Using false lashes may pose as a risk in the long run. Everytime you remove your false lashes, you are risking some damage to them as you might accidentally pull a few strands out. You don’t have to completely cut it out of your life but you can use it sparingly, only on days when you really need an extra lift!

5. Brush your lashes

Like the hair on your head, you should not neglect brushing your lashes. Grab a clean mascara wand and gently brush your lashes like you would, with your hair. This helps spread your natural oils over the full length of your lashes and stimulate blood flow to the lash hair follicle. Thus, allowing your lashes to grow longer and stronger!

6. Crimp your lashes before mascara application

Lash Breakage Tips Crimp Before Application

Applying pressure on your lashes with the curler after you’ve already applied mascara can break your lashes more easily because they will be drier by then. So always crimp before you apply. But if you need an extra crimp, try to do it before your mascara has dried.

7. Clean your lash curler regularly

Lash Breakage Tips Curler

Besides poor hygiene, residue on the curler can stick to your lashes when you’re trying to crimp them, making the action more damaging to them as you tug at them. To clean your lash curler, simply soak a tissue or cotton pad with eye makeup remover and go over the dirty parts.

8. Apply castor oil on your lashes

Lash Breakage Tips Castor Oil


Beauty enthusiasts on Reddit swear by this, and we say you can go ahead and try it especially if you’re not prone to sensitivity around the eyes.

You can choose to use castor oil or any preferred carrier oil of your choice. These oils contain nourishing fatty acids that aids in the strengthening and growth of your lashes. Grab a clean mascara wand and apply the castor oil onto your lashes. Of course, just a little bit would do the trick. Leave it to be absorbed overnight. With consistent use, you may see quick results! Take note to avoid your lash follicles.

Now Foods, Castor Oil retails at SGD 6.90 and is available online at Lazada.


9. Apply Vaseline on your lashes

Lash Breakage Tips Vaseline


Not only is Vaseline affordable, it also comes with amazing benefits! Vaseline is a multi-purpose petroleum jelly that has emollient properties. This means that it is able to lock in moisture wherever it has been applied to. It helps to hydrate brittle lashes, leaving them smooth & soft. It moisturises the base & roots of lashes, allowing for healthier lash growth. You can apply Vaseline by using a clean mascara wand, starting from the roots to the tip of your lashes. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning. Take note to avoid your lash follicles.

Vaseline retails at SGD 2.50 and is available at Guardian.

10. Eyelid Massage

Lash Breakage Tips Eyelid Massage


Give your eyelids some love by giving it a massage. Massaging it helps improve blood circulation around the eye area. It stimulates the growth and strength of the lashes. For this massage, use the tips of your ring fingers and massage in gentle, circular motions for at least five minutes.

11. Have a balanced diet

Lash Breakage Tips Balanced Diet

Without proper nutrition, lashes are more likely to be dull, thin, and easily breakable. Having a balanced diet rich in the appropriate nutrients is key in ensuring optimal health for your lashes. For starters, you would want to include foods that are rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Vitamin H, Iron, and Calcium into your diet. These nutrients help keep your lashes strong, stimulates growth, and prevent any fallout.

12. Take Biotin supplement

Lash Breakage Tips Biotin Supplements


For an extra boost, you might want to start incorporating Biotin Supplements into your diet. Biotin is also known as Vitamin H. A deficiency in this vitamin is often associated with hair loss. It helps to promote lash growth by improving blood circulation to the lash hair follicle. At the same time, it improves the absorption of carbs, fats, and amino acids which your body needs in order to maintain eyelashes (and hair!) health.

GNC Biotion 600 tablets retails at SGD 21.50 and is available at GNC outlets.