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You’ve probably heard all the misconceptions – and even myths – surrounding belly fat and how to eliminate it.

However, when your protruding stomach can be caused by two factors – bloating (which can be caused by factors like water retention, digestive distress, and overeating) and actual body fat (energy storage for the body), it could be hard to actually take on belly fat-burning strategies and keep to them in a sustainable manner.

Unfortunately, most of us typically fall off the wagon before we ever see the results we desire because they often involve strict diets (zero carbs), gruelling fitness regimens (sit-ups, HIIT training, just to name a few), and uncomfortable slimming massages.

If you don’t already know this, doing sit-ups to reduce belly fat is a complete fallacy in the first place: it might help strengthen your abdominal muscles, but the truth is that it won’t do anything to get rid of the fat that’s enveloping the muscles. This means you may end up getting an even more obvious tummy because now, the belly fat is sitting on top of bigger abdominal muscles.

So, what are the things you can actually do to get a flatter belly?

tips for a flatter belly

Before you frown at the possible reality of living with excess belly fat for the rest of your life, hear us out – there are habits that we regular people (who don’t work out and eat all kinds of healthy food for a living) can stick to in order to help fix belly bloat and lose abdominal fat.

Keep reading for three tried-and-tested tips that you can easily get behind and incorporate into your daily routine.

1. Eat protein before bed and as soon as you wake up

Clinical studies have shown that a healthy dose of protein before bed can jump-start your metabolism the next morning while helping your body repair itself more effectively overnight, so you wake up feeling fresher.

Similarly, getting a high-protein breakfast will turn on your fat-burning engine to keep your metabolism going for the rest of the day, giving you a nice energy boost.

2. Avoid drinking liquid with meals

This strategy may seem odd, but experts say that it will greatly improve the state of your stomach. That’s because when you drink water with your meal, you are essentially diluting your digestive juices and slowing down your digestion that is cutting into your energy.

While it’s important to keep hydrated throughout the day, try easing off during mealtime to keep digestion clear.

3. Get enough sleep

One overlooked and easily fixable reason you’re not losing belly fat is simply that you are not getting enough sleep. Research has found that sleep deprivation messes with your metabolism, thus making it difficult to burn fat.

Once you’ve had a full day of making all the best diet and fitness decisions to help you achieve that flat stomach you’re after, make sure to get some quality shut-eye to allow your body to get to work on itself while you rest. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Looking for another way to accelerate the fat-burning process?

apples with measuring tape source andres ayrton pexels

Photo source: Andres Ayrton/Pexels

In addition to the tips shared above, time-starved urbanites can also speed up the weight loss process to achieve a slimmer silhouette faster – and no, we’re not talking about dodgy, health-threatening methods here.

Instead, what we’re referring to is Dorra Slimming’s Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment that is designed to help individuals lose weight safely and effectively.

For the unaware, Dorra Slimming is the French lower body slimming expert that’s well-known for its suite of treatments that target specific areas of concern (tummy, hips and thighs for example) with its latest fat-burning and body-shaping technologies.

Conducted by slimming specialists, Dorra’s award-winning Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment involves an advanced peptide slimming technology that increases fat burning by 53% and reaches into the deepest fat layers to eliminate fat cells.

This is carried out with a specially concocted Strength Purple Carnitine Ampoule, using an Infrared Hammer Roll. The infrared enhances metabolism and rids the body of toxins. Equipped with a vibration massage capacity, this machine is also able to ease stiff muscles and promote blood circulation.

Compared to shedding just 180 calories during a 20-minute sit-up session, this treatment burns up to 2,400 calories within that same time period! While results may vary among individuals, Dorra promises up to 5cm* loss of targeted area in just 60 minutes which means your slimming needs will be met easily without pills, injections, or crash diets.

dorra review angeline before after new

Don’t believe us? Just check out how the popular slimming treatment has helped one particular customer, Angeline, in her recent body transformation! Following long working hours plus sleepless nights and countless episodes of late-night eating (which frequently involved fast food), Angeline ballooned to 59kg and realised that she needed professional help.

That’s when she made a conscious decision to get the help she needed at Dorra Slimming and together with her consultant Fiona, Angeline dropped to 48kg – that’s more than 10 kilogrammes of weight lost!

According to Angeline, what sets Dorra Slimming apart isn’t just the targeted treatment that focuses on centimetre loss per area but also the team of consultants who are always encouraging and never judgemental.

For Angeline, her personal consultant Dorra felt more like a buddy to her who is always there to give her valuable advice – and she even got help from a Dorra Slimming nutritionist who took time to carefully plan out a feasible diet for her.

Watch Angeline’s empowering transformation in detail below.

Angeline isn’t the only one who reaped exceptional benefits from Dorra Slimming’s most popular treatment – in fact, Dorra Slimming has helped more than 30,000 ladies slim down and achieve their weight goals.

The Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment is especially an ideal choice for working ladies and busy homemakers because the first treatment requires only 60 minutes of your time (a detailed body-fat analysis included), whereas subsequent treatments only require 20 to 40 minutes.

Those who had tried Dorra Slimming also shared that they especially liked the one-to-one treatments that they get to do with the same consultant throughout their weight loss journey.

This means that not only are their treatments personalised based on their body type and condition, but the women also have a mentor figure-slash-confidant who can help track their progress and give them encouragement every step of the way.

Just take a look at some of the amazing transformations seen on Dorra Slimming’s clients.

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*Results may vary according to each individual.

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