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Concealer is a girl’s best friend. When you’ve had sleepless nights and late night meals, a few dabs of concealer will hide the dark circles and redness, leaving you fresh-faced each morning. However, you might have noticed how a best friend can quickly turn into an enemy when you come home and see under-eye creases that add years to your age!

To reduce stress and take away those numbers from your age (metaphorically, of course), try out these seven tips to stop under-eye creases!

1. Use eye cream or eye serum

Very often, under-eye creasing occurs because the concealer settle into fine lines (some of which you might not even know you had!). The appearance of fine lines is perfectly normal, even for young ladies, because this part of the skin is very delicate and a few tugs or lack of hydration will cause its appearance to crease. To reduce not just creasing but fine lines itself, a good eye cream that hydrates well will help.

2. Don’t put under-eye cream before makeup

Stop Concealer From Creasing

While under-eye cream is strongly encouraged, you should refrain from doing your makeup immediately after. Wait at least 20 minutes for it to settle into your skin and use a paper towel to blot off any excess. There’s something about the formula of eye creams does not mix well with primers or foundations, and may cause caking and creasing underneath your eye.

3. Apply primer under your eyes

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Using a primer under your eyes will smooth out the fine lines as well as create a base that prevents the concealer from settling into the crevices on your face, making your makeup more even and smooth.

Currently, there are even primers designed specifically for the under-eye area in the market! However, a regular eyeshadow primer or face primer will still do the trick.

4. Apply less concealer

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Usually when we want to conceal those dark circles, we will drag the applicator across our under-eyes to conceal the entire area. However, doing this deposit way more product than you actually need, making it prone to caking and creasing.

Dot the applicator on your under-eyes instead and use your fingers or a beauty blender to blend. Start with as little as you can, and if you need more coverage, dot some more on.

5. Apply concealer on the orbital bone

Stop Concealer From Creasing Tips

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What is the orbital bone, you say? If you feel around your under-eye, there is a depression where the bone caves in. This is the orbital bone. Coincidentally, this is also the area where the shadow of your dark circles resides, and is where you should be concealing.

Dot the concealer in a semi-circle, on the edges of the dark circles and avoid bring it too close to your lash line. When you blend it, there will only be a thin layer of concealer over your fine lines, reducing the chances of creasing.

6. Apply setting powder before concealer

As we have all experienced, sweat can accentuate the creases. Oftentimes, we try to pack on a lot of setting powder to absorb the sweat but to no avail – the creases never fail to show themselves. Here is a trick to solve that: apply powder after primer, before foundation and concealer. Doing this will ensure that the sweat gets absorbed before it can mix with your concealer, eliminating those nasty creases.

7. Use a damp beauty blender to apply setting powder

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You read correctly, the beauty blender works wonders! Even though powder is already applied before concealer, you also want to set the concealer after. Gently dip a damp beauty blender into your powder (just a little) and pat it on your under-eye until it blends into your skin, and can now kiss goodbye to your under-eye creases.