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We’ve all been there before – leaving the hair salon with beautifully styled bangs, only to give them up after a few days because of how high maintenance it can get.

Don’t worry, we feel your frustration too, which is why we’ve done the legwork and found six quick and fuss-free ways for you to style your bangs every day.

Bangs styles

Style 1: Air bangs

A classic bangs style, air bangs are the way to go for covering big foreheads and framing your facial shape.

classic air bangs style

Step 1: Start by gathering a section of your fringe from the middle of your forehead.

Step 2: Then, using a velcro hair roller of your choice, curl the fringe downwards.

Step 3: Once your fringe is in place, use a hairdryer to blow the area for three to five seconds to help set in the curl.

Step 4: For the final touch, spray on a layer of hairspray to help keep your bangs in place throughout the day!

Style 2: S curl bangs

If you’ve always been needing volume in your hair, S curl bangs are the way to go.

s curl style bangs

Step 1: Gather a portion of hair from the front and pull them backwards. Then, use a hairdryer to blow the area to give your tresses some volume.

Step 2: Still using the hairdryer, you’ll now blow your bangs towards the opposite direction of your usual parting. This also helps create volume.

Step 3: Grab two long clips and clip them on both sides of your scalp line to help give your bangs… yes, even more volume.

Step 4: Last but not least, finish the look by blowdrying the rest of your hair.

Style 3: “Eight” bangs style

The “Eight” bangs style has been trending lately with many Chinese and Korean drama stars rocking the look. Here’s how you can pull off the same look with a curling iron in just two steps.

eight style bangs

Step 1: Grab a relatively thick portion of hair from the middle and flip it backward. Then, using a curling iron, curl the portion of hair in an upward manner.

Step 2: Once you’ve got the volume set on your roots of the hair, split the section into two and curl them downwards on both sides. And, you’re done!

While it’s relatively easy to get a gorgeous “eight” bangs style, the final result is also highly dependent on how well your fringe is cut beforehand.

If your tresses are in need of some trimming, here’s a guide on how to cut your bangs before proceeding to curl them.

eight style bangs partition tips

Style 4: Baby hair bangs

A style that is often spotted on Jennie from Blackpink, this is definitely a bangs style you must try.

baby hair bangs

Step 1: Grab a snap hair clip and pin your baby hairs downwards, towards your forehead. This step is best done with wet hair!

Step 2: Repeat the same step across your forehead and leave the clips on for about five to 10 minutes before removing them to blow dry your hair.

Step 3: Blow out your baby hairs in the same manner in the direction shown in the image in Step 3.

Step 4: Once you’ve set your bangs, you can then arrange and style it the way you like according to your own face shape.

Style 5: Baby air Bangs

Here’s another style loved by Korean drama actresses. Want to replicate it? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

baby air bangs

Step 1: Start by sectioning two portions of hair on both sides of your forehead.

Step 2: Using a curling iron, add some waves to the strands of hair.

Step 3: As you’re adding waves, make sure you’re adding volume to the root as well as that’s the key point of the look. For a longer-lasting effect, leave your curling iron on for a few more seconds.

Step 4: Once you’re done with the sides, move on to curling your remaining strands of baby hair in the centre to balance out the overall look. Once you’ve perfected it, you can easily pull off the look with laidback hair or even style it with a ponytail.

Style 6: Inward baby bangs

Another style that’s great for framing your facial shape, this is the one to go for if you’re always in a mad rush in the mornings.

bangs style 6

Step 1: Take out a thin portion of hair from the side of your forehead.

Step 2: And mirror the step on the other side.

Step 3: An optional step – with the use of an eyebrow razor, trim down the hair to give it some layers and texture.

Step 4: You can leave your bangs straight if that’s your preference of style. If not, you can always finalise the look by curling it out, which helps in giving the illusion of a smaller forehead.

Products to help with styling bangs

We’ve also gathered a list of tools for your shopping consideration that would help a great deal in perfecting your bangs on the daily.

Hair Spray

ouai texturizing hair spray

With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it’s pretty much impossible for our bangs to stay in place all day which is why spraying on a layer of hair spray on them after styling it might just do the trick!

This one from OUAI is available in a mini size (40g) that retails for S$19, and a full-sized one that retails for S$42. Find them on Sephora.

Curling iron

vodana glamwave curling iron

An essential when it comes to styling not just your bangs but also your hair in general, curling irons gift you quick and fuss-free curls.

This one from Vodana retails from S$82 on Shopee.

Straightening iron

vodana pocket flat iron

Just like the curling iron, straighteners are also equally efficient in giving you gorgeous volume on your bangs.

Plus, this crowd-favourite mini straightener from Vodana is perfect for those who are always on the go, thanks to its compact size.

Retails from S$28.90 on Shopee

Velcro hair rollers

velcro hair rollers

A must-have for anyone who has bangs, these velcro hair rollers are available in various sizes for you to choose from, depending on the thickness of your hair.

Retails from S$2.74 on Shopee.