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The Singapore hot and humid weather may have you feeling like you are melting, but this doesn’t have to apply to your makeup. The good news is that it is possible to keep your makeup intact all day despite the unforgiving weather. And it doesn’t have to take long – all you need are the right products and techniques.

Step 1: Perfect base (6 minutes)

Prime with a CC base

Devote the most amount of time to acing your base, because it covers the most amount of surface area and is most susceptible to breaking down from humidity.

Often thought of as unnecessary, a CC base is actually the first step to humidity-proofing your makeup. A good CC base blurs out imperfections so that you can deal with as little foundation and concealer as possible.

Try: Kate Secret Skin CC Base Zero. This product is lightweight and has superior pore-blurring properties to even out your complexion, while brightening up skin with its pearl-powder-infused formula. It also contains SPF30 to give you sun protection. What this means is that you can skip sunscreen and go straight to your makeup routine, and go easy on your foundation later, because your blemishes and pores are already less visible.

Cover with a lightweight liquid foundation

The best foundation is one that’s lightweight but yet is able to cover problematic areas in a single application. Use a dabbing motion to apply the foundation (whether it’s with a sponge or your fingers) to get a finish that’s more long-lasting.

Try: Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero (Liquid). It has an intelligent packaging that allows an appropriate amount of makeup to be dispensed with each pump. This helps to make sure you’ll not overdo it – when it comes to humidity-proof makeup, less is more! This high coverage liquid foundation feels lightweight so you can achieve radiant complexion with as little product as possible.

Set with powder

Finally, complete your base makeup with a powder with oil-controlling properties to make sure your makeup won’t budge. Note: Avoid using a setting spray on top of liquid foundation because it can cause your makeup to smudge in a humid situation.

Try: Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero (Powder). We love compact powders because you can bring them out everywhere you go for easy touch-ups whenever you need one. This product is much raved about by those with oily skin because of its oil-control properties. Pat it on lightly over your foundation to keep grease at bay.

Step 2: Fade-resistant eyeliner (1 minute)

Gel eyeliner is typically more resistant to sweat compared to liquid eyeliner. Go for one that has a super fine tip to achieve the thinnest line possible. Eyeliners that aren’t able to achieve a fine line make you pile on extra product that won’t accentuate your look.

Additional tip: If you have very oily eyelids and are really worried about smudges under the hot weather, tap on some eyeshadow powder on top of your line to set it further.

Try: Kate Sharp Lock Gel Pencil. This has a super-fine 1.5mm smooth gel tip that allows you to draw the eyeliner shape of your choice effortlessly. The ultra pigments are also fade-resistant, thanks to the gel-locking technology used, to ensure that it repels sweat, water, and tears.

Check out how smooth the line goes:

Step 3: Long-lasting eyebrows (2.5 minutes)

We recommend using powder makeup for your eyebrows. It looks more natural because you can easily create colour-gradation with it, and is more resistant to humid weather.

Try: Kate Contoured Color-Gradation Eyebrows and Nose Shadow. Each palette comes with powders in three colours to help you achieve the perfect shade for your brows.

A two-ended brush is included: the finer side helps you draw precise lines (especially useful at the outer corner), and the bigger brush helps you add shadow more easily.

Bonus: This can also be used as a nose contouring shadow!

Step 4: Finish off with lip colour (0.5 minutes)

Finally, smack on a bit of tinted lip balm, and you’re good to go!

This article is brought to you by KATE Tokyo.