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The word is out: hydration is going to be a huge trend in 2016. And the most on-trend complexion this year? Hydrated-looking complexion that appears bouncy, supple and radiant, of course! Learn how to create this look with these four tips:

1. Invest in skincare

Beauty woman portrait. Skin and face care concept

Let’s get our basics right. If we want to create the appearance of hydrated skin, we should first make sure our skin is truly hydrated. Invest in skincare products that has moisturising effects and that can put a lively bounce back to dehydrated skin. Having skin that’s really hydrated will also ensure that makeup stay on for longer, and your complexion looks like it’s glowing from inside out.


Try: The ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen range. This has been one of the most popular collections by the Korean brand, and this year, the collection is reformulated to include the Aqua Stream Complex, a patented ingredient that offers moisturising effects that last up to 120 hours. Of the products, you should definitely check out the Moistfull Collagen Cream (SGD33.90). This refreshing and non-sticky gel cream is a moisturising powerhouse deserves a spot in your beauty regime.

2. Foundation matters

applying foundation for no makeup makeup look

If there’s one product we have to single out as responsible for creating the look of flawless complexion, it will have to be the foundation. It’s important to look for a foundation that’s lightweight, hydrating, and long-lasting. Foundation that smudges or cakes easily will make your complexion look oily or dehydrated.


Try: The ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion (SGD32) has offers a finish that looks hydrated and airy, giving your complexion the look of radiance, while really delivering whitening and anti-ageing benefits to your skin. It’s not just makeup!

DV Tip: Pick up only a small amount of foundation and slowly build it up according to your coverage needs. Hydrated-looking complexion is created with as little product as possible so that it looks effortless and fresh; it shouldn’t be obvious that you’re piling on base products.

3. Use highlighting products

When skin is dehydrated, it looks dull and lifeless. On the contrary, hydrated skin is radiant and able to reflect light off its surface. To create the appearance of hydrated skin, enhance your skin’s glow with the help of highlighting products. Consider highlighters in cream form, rather than powder, because they give skin a more dewy look.

etude house secret beam highlighter

Try: ETUDE HOUSE Secret Beam Highlighter (SGD18.90). This baked shimmer powder comes in six tones that are specifically put together to enhance complexion so it looks soft and luminous.

DV Tip: Apply the highlighter to these areas: in a C-shape from the temple to the cheekbones, along the nose, and at the chin.

4. Don’t forget your lips

hydrated sheer lipstick

For an overall glow that’s synonymous with hydrated skin, don’t neglect your lips. Well-moisturised skin should be accompanied with lips that look supple, and free from flaking and lines.


Try: ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk. This line of moisturising lipsticks delivers smooth application and a hydrating finish. Don’t be intimidated by their vivid colours, the intensity will not take a toll on your lips but instead, the unique formula makes your lips look glossy and moisturised. It comes in 10 shades of red and pink, so you can definitely pick something for any occasion.

DV Tip: For lips that look absolutely smooth and supple, exfoliate your lips by running a toothbrush gently along them before you apply any lip product. For further care, consider wearing a generous layer of lip balm to sleep – you’ll wake up with a kissable pout!

This article is brought to you by ETUDE HOUSE.