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We want to be that girl whom everyone looks up to as #hairgoals. They are usually seen on Instagram with gorgeous hair that glides down their back, short but chic cuts that brings out their cheekbones, or beautiful colours that complement their skin tone.

In this comprehensive hair guide, we compile 12 tips for you to step up your hair game.

Here’s everything you need to know, from freshening up your hair to taking a good picture, for Instagram-worthy hair.

4 hair care tips for Instagram-worthy hair

Let’s get the basics right. Good hair care helps make sure your hair naturally look smooth and shiny, and will also make it easier to style.

Here are four tips we picked up from YouTube channel Wishtrend TV.

Adopt the right hair-washing habits


We may wash our hair every day, but it doesn’t mean all of us are experts yet. In fact, there are many common mistakes that may prevent us from getting the most out of our hair care routine.

Make sure that you are focusing on your scalp, followed by your hair. Massage your scalp with your fingertips and not fingernails. Also, use lukewarm, instead of hot water, to prevent drying out your scalp.

Change your washing posture


Besides merely standing up to shampoo so the top of your scalp gets a thorough cleanse, you should also lower your head to get to the back of your head.

Apply conditioner and treatment only at the ends


Conditioner and treatment products such as mask and serums should only be applied at your ends. Avoid applying it onto your scalp to prevent clogging.

Dry your scalp first


If you prefer to use a hairdryer to dry your hair, start from the roots of your hair first so your scalp can be dried first. Keeping your scalp moist for too long can cause bacteria to accumulate, leading to a host of scalp problems.

4 steps to create voluminous hair

One common trait you see in Instagrammers with great hair: volume. While we may not all be blessed with naturally voluminous locks, it doesn’t mean we can’t create the look of it.

Here’s a tutorial by YouTuber ThatsHeart.

Use a hair-volumising product


Most of these products come in the form of sprays that you can apply before styling your hair. Besides adding volume, they also add lift to hair, which is great news for those who have limp hair too.

Curl your hair


If you want to create big hair, curls is the way to go.

Invest in a good hair curler and curl away after you’ve applied a volumising spray and a heat protectant.

Fluff up your hair


After you’ve curled your hair, simply fluff it up using your fingers. Take the chance to style it into the look that you prefer too. The texturising spray that you applied earlier will help make your hair more malleable to styling.

Change your parting


If you want even more volume, you can consider changing your natural parting. This will give you an instant lift.

4 steps to taming flyaways

While you can use a photo-editing app to get rid of flyaways, learning how to tame them using hairstyling techniques is a more time-saving option.

Here are tips we picked up from YouTuber Foxy that help you tame flyaways that are caused by baby hairs.

Comb down your baby hairs


This step helps you know exactly which hairs you have to deal with.

Use hair wax to tame them


Pick up hair wax with your fingers and run them through these baby hairs.

Comb them up


Now that they are slightly sticky, use a comb to push them up and they will stay tamed.

Last resort: hair spray


If you still have stubborn strands that refuse to back down, use a hairspray to keep them down.

Video tutorials to help you get Instagram-worthy hair

Prefer watching videos? Here are the ones we love: