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These days, concerts are more than just live music shows. Fans have taken it upon themselves to doll up in elaborate outfits and intricate makeup looks inspired by their favourite artiste.

You’ve seen all the Taylor Swift inspired looks for the Eras Tours on your social media feeds. Now is time for yet another songstress to grace our stage here in Singapore.

This time, we welcome South Korea’s sweetheart, IU. To help you get ready for her concert, we’ve gathered some skincare and makeup tips from experienced concert goers and IU herself.

Read on for all the scoop on how to get your makeup to last all day, and how you can achieve a flawless, picture-perfect complexion in all your photos taken at the concert!

Hydrate Well Before You Start on Your Makeup

IU Concert Makeup Hydrate

Credits: @hellokrisan/TikTok

The key to flawless makeup is good skincare habits. We know how much time and effort concertgoers put into their makeup these days — the more bedazzle, the better. One thing many people don’t realise is the importance of having a good canvas for your makeup.

IU herself has shared that her makeup doesn’t sit well on dull and textured skin. To achieve a flawless base that looks perfect even under all the harsh camera and stage lights, she makes the effort to religiously keep up with a skincare routine.

To prep your skin for your concert makeup, hydrate your skin with sheet masks or cotton pads drenched in your favourite toner.

Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water too! (You’ll need it for all the singing and screaming you’re about to do.)

Use Sticky Primers To Grip Your Makeup in Place

Credits: @slaybyjess/TikTok

A pro tip shared by TikTok user Slay by Jess (@slaybyjess) is to use a sticky primer to prime your face. The sticky texture of the primer will grip onto your makeup, holding it in place throughout the day.

With a sticky primer, you’d never have to worry about your makeup fading or budging at the end of the day—go ahead and take those post-concert photos with ease!

Do Your Base With a Full Coverage Foundation To Look Picture Perfect

IU Concert Makeup Full Coverage Foundation

Credits: @realtechniques.id/TikTok

It’s only natural for you to take a lot of pictures to document the long-awaited concert day. One way to ensure that you’re always looking your best is to have on a full coverage foundation.

We know IU’s signature look is a sheer to medium coverage base, symbolic of her iconic no-makeup makeup look. While we love that for daily wear, there’s no harm amping it up on a special day like this.

When the lights go off at the concert venue and the colourful strobe lights hit the crowd, you might struggle with capturing a good picture of yourself in this lighting. This is where an even and flawless foundation finish comes into play.

Apply Eyeshadow Primer on Your Under Eyes To Avoid Creasing

IU Concer Makeup Eyeshadow Primer Under Eye

Credits: @slaybyjess/TikTok

When it comes to makeup, there is no one-way rule to go about things. Jessica (TikTok user @slaybyjess) proves this by thinking out of the box with this effective makeup hack of hers.

To prevent creasing in your makeup, apply eyeshadow primer to your undereye area. The undereye creases more easily than other areas on your face, but this can also be used on your smile lines, or the creases around your nose.

Opt for Natural, Pink-Toned Makeup To Channel Your Inner IU

IU Concert Makeup Natural, Pink

Credits: @dlwlrma/Instagram

Even as she enters her thirties, IU still carries the youthful and radiant glow from her early twenties that earned her the title of the “Nation’s Little Sister”. How she achieves this is by opting for natural and pinkish makeup looks.

According to her, adding shades of pink to her makeup brightens her image—this is why she tends to incorporate pinks in her stage makeup.

Don’t shy away from using glitter and shimmers to elevate your concert makeup look! Many people have the misconception that glitters are bold and flashy. To play it safe, you can turn to Korean eyeshadows for a subtle and natural glitter payoff.

Soften your features with straight, powdery brows, leaving the arch of your brow unfilled to create the effect of IU’s signature straight brow. Always opt for brown over black eyeliner and mascara to create a softer look.

Featured image credits: @slaybyjess/TikTok, @dlwlrma/Instagram, @hellokrisan/TikTok