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Whether you are in the “Ru Yi Zhuan” (《如懿傳》) camp or the “Yan Xi Gong Lue” (《延禧攻略》) camp, there’s no doubt that the limelight is on beautiful imperial ladies at the moment. (For the uninitiated, both are popular drama series that fans are chasing after at the moment, and talk about palace life in the Qing Dynasty.)

Ru Yi Zhuan Jade Roller 1
But while it’ll be too OTT to replicate their opulent hairstyles and classic makeup in real life, there’s one skincare ritual that we caught Ru Yi (played by Zhou Xun) doing in Ru Yi Zhuan that we have every intention to add to our skincare routine: the jade face roller that she uses before bed-time.

Face-rollers: How does it work?

Ru Yi Zhuan Jade Roller 2

Face rollers aren’t a new thing and are particularly popular in Asia. Women use them as a way to improve microcirculation, and it’s believed that it can help with lymphatic drainage, reduce water retention, and help achieve skin that’s lifted, complexion that’s radiant, and facial contours that look sharp.

The jade roller – like the one that Ru Yi used – is one of the top choices raved by beauty enthusiasts when it comes to face rollers. It is said that jade has the ability to cool down temperatures to make sure friction and heat from the rolling process won’t leave redness on skin or cause inflammation. At the same time, jade is also believed to have a detoxification effect on skin.

To improve the efficacy of face-rolling, consider applying your favourite anti-ageing serum on your entire face first. The product doesn’t just serve as a lubricant for a smoother roll, the rolling motion is also said to help with better absorption and improve the anti-ageing benefits of skin. After all, you’re usually encouraged to do a face massage with your anti-ageing products and a face roller can help you to do that effortlessly.

Face rollers recommendations

Ru Yi Zhuan Jade Roller 3

If you’re thinking of taking a leaf out of Ru Yi’s beauty book, here are a few face rollers you can consider.

1. Canvas Jade and Rose Quartz Rollers

Jade And Rose Quartz Face Rollers

Besides organic skincare products, Australian skincare brand Canvas has recently launched rollers to be paired with their products too. Inspired by traditional Chinese beauty tools from the seventh century, Canvas released a jade roller and a rose quartz roller.

The jade roller (SGD28) is designed to relax facial muscles, improve blood flow, and stimulate the lymphatic system for detoxification benefits. Use it to tighten the appearance of pores, improve skin elasticity, and around the eyes to reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles. You’re encouraged to use it with their Refining Treatment Oil, in a gentle back-and-forth motion.

The rose quartz roller (SGD32), on the other hand, helps reduce inflammation and increases blood circulation so that oxygen and nutrients can be better delivered to skin. Use it together with the brand’s Brightening Concentrate to improve skin’s radiance and inhibit melanin production.

All products mentioned are retailing on their website.

2. Herbivore Botanicals Jade Facial Roller

Herbivore Jade Roller Ru Yi Zhuan

Also inspired by Chinese beauty rituals, this jade facial roller is made with genuine stone so you may find that your roller may look different from your friend’s. Herbivore has recently upgraded their jade rollers with better hardware so it is more durable, and have also changed the stone to Aventurine Jade, which is said to help improve circulation and vitality. The stone is also believed to attract luck and opportunity.

Herbivore recommends using the facial roller with facial oil for better glide. You can also place the roller in the refrigerator before use to cool it down further, even though jade is already naturally cold. The temperature drop helps improve circulation and collagen production, as well as detoxification.

Although Herbivore Botanicals products are available in Sephora in Singapore, the facial roller isn’t. However, you’ll be able to find it retailing at USD30 at the Sephora USA website.

3. Jade Roller Beauty jade rollers

Jade Roller Beauty Ru Yi Zhuan

Specialising in jade rollers, Jade Roller Beauty made theirs from pure Xiuyan jade stone, which is said to relax the nervous system while aiding in removal of toxins. You’re encouraged to use it twice a day with your favourite serum to improve its absorption and to relax your mind. For reducing puffiness around the eyes, consider leaving the roller in the refrigerator before using it to further reduce the stone’s temperature.

This retails at SGD38 and is available at Dermstore. Note that while there are several great reviews, some users also say that the product break easily.

4. ReFa Carat Massager

Refa Face Roller Ru Yi Zhuan

Well, this is not the jade roller that you see in Ru Yi Zhuan, but it’s definitely one of the most popular products when you talk about face rollers. Using micro-current technology that can enhance your skin’s natural repair system, the roller can be used for a pampering lymphatic massage on your face and body. It’s powered by light (so you don’t have to charge it) and is fully waterproof for ease of cleaning. Reviews for this face roller has been very positive – with raves for both its durability and effectiveness in reducing puffiness around the face. Many have also attested to how it help sharpen their facial contours.

This retails at SGD330 and is available at Sephora.

5. Nurse Jamie Uplift Beauty Roller

Nurse Jamie Uplift Beauty Roller Ru Yi Zhuan

This one’s rather different from the other recommendations earlier. Instead of having just one or two massage balls, this roller is set with 24 tourmaline quartz stones. The design sets to mimic facial massaging techniques. Like the other rollers, it helps stimulate blood circulation and can help uplift skin and improve radiance. The hexagonal-shaped tool is rather compact, making it easy for bringing along for travels.

This retails at USD71.39 (~SGD98.10) and is available at Net-a-Porter.