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In Japan and most local high schools, wearing makeup is a big no-no. If caught, students are usually asked to wipe it off in the school bathroom as it violates the school’s rules.

Recently, a video featuring a Japanese girl skillfully flaunting her makeup routine in a Japanese high school has resurfaced, causing a viral sensation.

It’s commonly known as “Gakkou Makeup,” and beauty creators are jumping on the trend, putting their own unique spins on it. Thanks to @itsjennze’s video, we’re here to guide you through giving this makeup look a shot!

Note: While we don’t advocate breaking school rules, feel free to experiment with this makeup look on days when you want a subtle enhancement with light makeup.

Step #1: Use a Tone-up Essence

Instead of foundation, the Japanese girl opts for a tone-up essence or gel, essentially a pigmented sunscreen that evens out the skin tone.

The one she uses is the Shiseido Majolica Majorca Nude Make Gel, while Jenn uses the TIRTIR Your Mask Fit Tone-Up Essence.

undetectable makeup tone up

This essence provides a skin-like finish, lasts long, and naturally brightens your complexion.

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  • Shiseido Majolica Majorca Nude Make Gel retails for S$29.40 on Lazada, and S$36 on Japanwithlove.
  • TIRTIR Your Mask Fit Tone-Up Essence retails for S$49.05 on Shopee.

Step #2: Colour Correct Imperfections (Optional)

If you have specific discolourations like dark circles or blemishes, hide them by colour-correcting with concealer.

undetectable makeup conceal

Apply the concealer to the blemishes and gently tap to blend using a finger puff or makeup sponge.


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  • Dasique Pro Concealer Palette retails for S$32.16 on Shopee.

Step #3: Fill in Eyebrows (Optional)

Another optional step is to lightly fill in sparse eyebrows using brow powder. A light touch of brow powder is discreet, making it difficult to be caught.


Recommended Product:

  • Cezanne Nose & Eyebrow Powder (#01) retails for S$11.70 at Guardian online.

Step #4: Set the Base with Powder

Nix the shine by using a light setting powder and dabbing it all over your face.


Don’t forget under the eye area.

undetectable makeup powder undereyes

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  • Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder retails for S$22.84 on Shopee.
  • Canmake Silky Loose Moist Powder retails for S$19.86 on Shopee, and S$14.90 on Amazon.

Step #5: Add Blush and Eyeshadow (Optional)

Jenn adds her personal touch by incorporating a bit of blush and eyeshadow. Blush and eyeshadow can be giveaways, so tread carefully.

For blush, use a fan brush to lightly sweep it over the apples of your cheeks.


Apply a neutral brown eyeshadow across the eyelids.

undetectable makeup eyelids shadow

Then, use a slightly darker brown shade to emphasise the lower lash line.

undetectable makeup underlids shadow

Create a small, short wing on the outer edge of your eyes using a dark brown shade and a tiny angled brush.

undetectable makeup wing shadow

Lastly, use that same brown shade to contour the aegyo sal.


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  • Flower Knows Swan Ballet Velvet Blusher (#05) retails for S$31.97 on YesStyle.
  • Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes retails for S$20.30 at Watsons online.

Step #6: Enhance Eyelashes

Curl your natural lashes with a lash curler and use clear mascara to avoid smudging, following the Japanese girl’s preference.


Alternatively, Jenn goes for a taupe mascara instead of black, finding it to be more natural-looking and less conspicuous.


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Step #7: Finish with Lips

As we’re aiming for a natural look, apply a sheer lip tint in a My Lips But Better (MLBB) shade. The goal is to add a sheer wash of colour for a fresh look.


And there you have it! This is how you can discreetly wear makeup in a Japanese high school—a genuinely natural way to enhance your features with minimal, everyday makeup.

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Are you up for trying this makeup routine?

Featured image credits: @itsjennze/TikTok, @ladylilacj/TikTok, @KawaiiPateen/Youtube.