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When we talk about people of influence in the beauty community, K-pop idols instantly come to mind. These celebrities often share variations of skincare routines that require an endless list of products, but that might not be too practical when travelling.

Jimin, on the other hand, swears by one that we can all definitely adopt. With only one product needed, we’re going to be thanking him for all that bonus luggage space.

Credit: VOGUE/YouTube

Jimin’s one-item skincare essential for his travels

He reveals in a recent interview that he can’t travel without this product: Mediheal’s Tea Tree Essential Face Mask.

While in New York promoting his new single, Jimin shared with the media that this is a product he always has with him when he travels.

He says that the air in hotels can get really dry, so it is important to mask when he’s in one.

Credit: VOGUE/YouTube

Mediheal Tea Tree Essential Mask

Credit: Guardian Singapore

This unassuming little mask actually packs a punch. Boasting skin soothing, and oil and water balancing properties, it helps regulate sebum production, to avoid overly dry, or oily skin, while also boosting hydration to plump your skin, combating those pesky wrinkles.

Tea tree oil and essence have long been incorporated into skincare for its anti-inflammatory and soothing abilities. This mask would thus be perfect for all of us after a long day out, exposed to the relentless sun and pollutants in the air.

Mediheal’s Tea Tree Essentially Mask is available in a box of 10 on Shopee Singapore at S$23.36, or as individual sheets on Guardian Singapore at S$3.95 each.