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We have to admit that Jolin Tsai is one of our all-time favourite singers. She is undoubtedly the Queen of C-Pop, in our humble opinion!

She’s been around for so long that when we realised she’ll be 42 years old this year, we were shocked! She still has that unrivalled sense of style and youthful beauty that we covet.

We compiled a list of her beauty tips to learn how this gorgeous idol still manages to look almost the same as we remember her.

She believes in choosing the right skincare

Jolin Tsai Beauty Tips - 1 - skincare - @jolincai on Instagram

Photo source: @jolincai on Instagram

Instead of opting for more expensive brands, Jolin always considers her skin’s needs when selecting an effective skincare routine.

As a result, her skincare routine isn’t as complicated as we think. Apart from cleansing, she typically uses eye cream, essence, and lotion.

She gives herself mini-DIY facials

Instead of going to a salon, Jolin massages her face to stimulate pressure points before going on stage.

She applies argan or jojoba oil first, then lightly massages her entire face with her fingers. The goal is to increase blood circulation and drain excess fluid from the lymph nodes in order to achieve a slimmer face.

She doesn’t neglect the body

Jolin is one of those people who enjoys soaking in a hot bath while wearing a face mask. She also takes steam baths once or twice a week in addition to hot baths to promote metabolism and eliminate fatigue.

A good steam bath can also help to expel toxins from the body through perspiration and aid in weight loss. She follows up with a deep hydrating body lotion to ensure her skin is properly moisturised.

She slathers on the moisturiser

Jolin’s first step when she gets home at the end of the day is to remove her makeup and cleanse her face.

She then applies a thick hyaluronic acid gel to her face and waits for it to absorb completely before continuing with her nightly routine.

She focuses on her eyes and lips

Jolin Tsai Beauty Tips - 2 - eye and lips - @jolincai on Instagram

Photo source: @jolincai on Instagram

This singer enjoys applying hot compresses to her face and using eye cream to massage herself around the delicate eye area.

She also puts on a thick layer of lip balm before bed for a soft pout and prefers red lipstick to liven up her complexion.

She preps her face for makeup using a mask

Wearing makeup on a daily basis can cause skin fatigue, which is why Jolin would use a mask in the morning to keep her skin in good condition.

An early morning mask not only cuts steps in your skincare routine, but it can also help to create a good makeup base.

She loves skincare with essential oils

Different essential oils provide various benefits, including those that will help you achieve good skin while also making you smell good.

This could be why Jolin enjoys using essential oils in her beauty routine, with an essential oil exfoliating scrub being one of her favourite skincare items.

She drinks a lot of water

Jolin is said to emphasise the importance of drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. She is said to consume nearly three litres of boiled water daily and occasionally adds lemon slices to her water.

She drinks 250ml of water as soon as she wakes up, then another 250ml two hours later, another 250ml after lunch, and so on.

She eats a balanced and healthy diet

Jolin Tsai Beauty Tips - 3 - healthy diet - @jolincai on Instagram

Photo source: @jolincai on Instagram

Jolin is particular about eating a well-balanced and healthy diet. Breakfast is unquestionably the most important meal of the day for her.

She doesn’t eat fruit after 4pm and doesn’t eat vegetables at night. She isn’t afraid to consume healthy fats and oils, which can help alleviate dry, rough skin and hair.

She eats nuts as a snack

Jolin could probably have whatever she wants for a snack, but she always sticks to her healthy diet and chooses something nutritious.

Nuts are a good go-to snack for her because they not only satisfy hunger but also provide the body with the ‘healthy’ oils it requires.

She consumes bird’s nest

Bird’s nest has traditionally been touted as a beautifying food, and is said to maintain youthfulness and improve the complexion by repairing both the skin and tissue.

Jolin would always consume the bird’s nest on an empty stomach to improve absorption, which is something we wish we had thought of ourselves!

She conscious of her salt intake

Jolin is very conscientious about controlling her salt intake in her diet, as too much salt can lead to an excessive accumulation of water in the body.

She would frequently consult a professional nutritionist and adjust her diet based on her physical condition, such as cutting down on oil and sugar.

She does yoga to relax

Jolin Tsai Beauty Tips - 4 - yoga - @jolincai on Instagram

Photo source: @jolincai on Instagram

For this singer, exercise is a form of entertainment because she believes it is a great way to relax and relieve stress.

Yoga is her favourite form of exercise, but she also enjoys aerobic activities such as cycling, badminton, and other ball games.

She does weight training

Jolin has been regularly weight training to improve her cardiopulmonary function, despite her appearance.

She usually does this training before big concerts because she needs the energy to dance and sing for hours on end.

She makes sure to get enough sleep

Despite her likely busy schedule, this celebrity makes an effort to sleep for six to seven hours every day.

She tries not to stay up late, and if she does, she gets enough sleep the next day to recharge her batteries and keep her skin in good condition.

She tries to keep herself happy

Jolin frequently posts photos of herself travelling and living life to the fullest. This is because this star strives to maintain a positive attitude at all times.

She believes that a person’s true beauty stems from their inner happiness rather than their waist-to-hip ratio.

Featured image credit: jolin_cai & jolin_cai