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Many of us aim to nail that K-pop idol makeup look, scouring countless tutorials to master the art of recreating their eye, base, and lip makeup.

But, there’s one crucial detail we might have missed – the art of drawing moles! Yep, you heard it right.

Besides the makeup, strategically placed moles on your face can significantly level up your entire look, and they’ve become iconic features among our beloved Korean celebrities.

Stick around because we’ve got some tips on drawing moles from makeup artist @vivsbeautynotes, and we’re here to break it down for you!

Moles Around The Eyes

Let’s talk about the most glorified moles – the ones around the eyes. In Asian beauty standards, faces with a top-heavy visual weight, especially around the eyes, are a win.

A mole on the side can elongate your eyes, and one underneath has a youthful touch, similar to aegyo sal. Plus, moles around the eyes add that sultry vibe – consider yourself lucky if you’ve got ’em!


Photo credit: @vivsbeautynotes/TikTok.

Take (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, for example. That iconic mole under her right eye adds to her charming and mysterious vibe, especially when paired with bright lenses and smokey makeup.


Photo credit: @min.nicha/Instagram.

Aespa’s Winter is also turning heads with her stage makeup, drawing a mole under her right eye and balancing it out with one on her left cheek.


Photo credit: @imwinter/Instagram.

Having moles on both sides creates a natural look, reducing facial margins compared to dots on just one side.

Moles Around the Mid-Face Area

Now, let’s talk about the midface – the heart of your face, with the nose, cheeks, and under eyes taking centre stage. A longer mid-face can sometimes make people appear older than they are.

Moles around this area can occupy negative space, creating the illusion of a shorter mid-face, adding that youthful touch.

IVE’s Wonyoung sports moles around her right cheek and near the bottom left mouth area, enhancing her charming look even with stage makeup.


Photo credit: @for_everyoung10/Instagram.

LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yun-jin experiments with various mole placements on her mid-face, sometimes above the midface close to the eye area and at other times at the centre of the cheek.


Photo credit: @jenaissante/Instagram.

Moles Around The Mouth Area

Moles around the mouth can draw attention to specific facial regions, and while beauty standards often favour a top-heavy face, moles in this area are gaining popularity in the K-pop scene, radiating a sexy and charming appeal.

Aespa’s Karina rocks a natural mole on the right side of her chin, strategically drawing moles on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose to balance her visual weight. It’s all about that harmonious and balanced appearance that perfectly fits her overall makeup look!


Photo credit: @katarinabluu/Instagram.

Twice’s Chaeyoung rocks a distinctive mole underneath her lip, adding an endearing and sexy appeal to her overall look.


Photo credit: @chaeyo.0/Instagram.

In the world of idols, moles have transformed into attractive features, no longer something to be insecure about.

Now, areas under the eyes, cheeks, and around the mouth are stepping into the spotlight as fresh focal points in the ever-evolving K-beauty scene!

Featured image credits: @katarinabluu/Instagram, @for_everyoung10/Instagram, @min.nicha/Instagram.