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You may be familiar with celebrity makeup artist Kevin, or better known as Kevin Lao Shi (Kevin老师), whose clientele includes several A-listers such as Maggie Q, Zhang Ziyi, Barbie Hsu (Da S), and Dee Hsu (Xiao S).

The makeup maestro was in Singapore for the launch of a new product, Bye Bye Oil-free Primer, from his beauty label BEAUTYMAKER. This product is formulated to help people with combination or oily skin cope with a warm and humid weather, by ensuring that large pores are visibly concealed, and foundation stays on for longer and more nicely.

It is exclusively available on Shopee in Singapore at a promotional price of SGD19.90.

We took the chance to get Kevin Lao Shi to answer burning questions that the DV team has, which includes some queries we’ve received from readers.

Daily Vanity (DV): Many women in Singapore are into the latest Korean makeup trends. Are we actually suited to follow their trends?

Kevin: Singapore’s weather is hot and humid, while Korea is cold and dry. As such, skin types and skin care routines for Singaporean and Korean girls are very different. Most Singaporean girls have combination or oily skin types with more obvious pores, while Korean girls tend to have dry skin types with almost invisible pores. It is very important to choose a foundation that suits your particular skin type while following the latest makeup trends.

DV: In particular, the “dewy” makeup look is popular in Singapore but we’re often worried about looking like we have a greasy face instead, do you have any tips to avoid that?

Kevin: Due to Singapore’s climate, the “dewy” makeup look might not be so long-lasting. If you are still keen on trying out this look, you can go for foundations with satin finishes or highlighters. Apply a small amount of product on the area you want to put the glow on, but avoid large areas as they might quickly become a greasy-looking mess under the hot sun.

DV: Speaking of foundations, what are your top 5 foundation tips that can help even makeup newbies achieve a flawless-looking complexion?


  1. I place great importance on the maintenance of one’s skin, as well as the use of foundation and concealers. Maintenance of one’s skin ensures that it remains moisturised and bright, which helps in the application of makeup. For instance, I always massage models’ faces before putting on their makeup. This helps keep the makeup on and helps relieve water retention in the facial area, which can make facial lines more obvious.
  2. When selecting the right foundation, remember to pick colours that complement your skin tone. Many girls prefer to pick lighter colours, to show off fair skin. However, it is important to take note of what complements one’s skin tone best in order not to look overdone.
  3. Apart from picking a colour that is suitable for your skin tone, technique plays a crucial role as well. Many women choose to apply foundation directly onto the face in small amounts to cover the face before putting on foundation powder. However, this may cause unevenness and might even cause the powder and liquid to clump together. I would recommend to start application on a small area first. This helps prevent clogging of the foundation and ensure uniformity. It would be best if makeup is done from the top of the face and then worked down to the bottom as it helps produce a better finish.
  4. Use a warm tone (such as a peach colour) to help conceal dark eye rings. Apply around the area, then use a concealer that matches your skin tone to achieve a more natural look.
  5. For any dark spots or blemishes, apply minimal layers of concealer with a shade that’s closest to your skin tone directly onto the areas. Do not use too much product to conceal these blemishes as it can give you a very “overdone” look. Besides using a concealer, you can also try using an illuminating primer to help cover up dark spots and blemishes. The illuminating primer gives your skin a glowing effect and can help achieve a more natural look. Use a blush to cover up freckles and spots around the cheeks, as this helps take visual focus away from these areas.

DV: What are the beauty trends going to be like for the rest of the year?

Kevin: With more brands beginning to pay attention to oil-control products, especially in hot and humid regions, getting the foundation to stay on is crucial. People are no longer pursuing the “dewy” look, but are opting for a more satin or satin-matte finish with light to medium coverage that allows for a natural look. BB cushions in the past emphasise on creating the dewy finish, but now the focus is on oil control, while looking natural and radiant.

DV: Is there any one trend or innovation that you think has particularly changed the industry in recent years?

Kevin: The BB cushion is a total game changer in the beauty industry. It usually offers sheer coverage and skincare benefits all in one compact form. You can easily carry it around in your bag and use it for touch-ups throughout the day. The convenience and compactness is probably one of its best offerings – something that the traditional foundations cannot compete with.

DV: Could you identify three products that women should certainly never leave home without in order for their makeup to survive the hot and humid weather in Singapore?

A clean sponge, compact powder with sunscreen protection and a lip gloss. Here’s why:

  • Clean sponge: A sponge can accomplish the same things as a piece of blotting paper, especially in Singapore’s weather. It absorbs oil so that when you blot the shine away, it leaves your skin looking fresh without interfering with your makeup.
  • Compact powder with sunscreen protection: A fast and easy way for on-the-go touchups.
  • Lip gloss: A good lip gloss can really help tie your makeup look together, making it appear complete and lively.