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Queen of Tears has been topping Netflix charts and winning the hearts of viewers everywhere, so if you’ve been obsessed with this wildly popular K-drama, this article is for you!

Kim Ji-won, who stars as Hong Hae-in in Queen of Tears, has been captivating us since her incredible performances in The Heirs and Descendants of the Sun.

Credits: @geewonii/Instagram

Her youthful beauty and radiant complexion has also caught the attention of many, and we’ve been wondering how she achieves her stunning natural look.

So, we’ve rounded up Ji-won’s top beauty tips, and her unique minimalist approach to keeping her skin healthy and glowing.

Keep reading to find out more about her skincare routine, and even her holy grail products!

Less Is More

Credits: @geewonii/Instagram

While we’ve all heard of the popular 10-step skincare routines, but Ji-won actually doesn’t believe in overcomplicating your routine!

She’s revealed that she has sensitive skin, so gentle products are a must for her, in order to not damage her skin.

She shares that her skin often becomes red and irritated from long days of shooting on set, or being exposed to the sun and heat outdoors for too long. So, her skincare routine contains only the bare necessities to keep her skin smooth and healthy.

She even uses particularly effective products for multiple purposes! For example, she doesn’t use hand cream or anti-ageing eye cream, instead using moisturising lotion for her hands and a moisturiser or ampoule for her under eyes.

A Simple 5-Step Routine

Credits: @geewonii/Instagram

Since she believes in keeping things simple, Ji-won’s routine consists of only five steps!

First, she cleanses her skin to remove dirt and impurities, then uses a hydrating toner to rehydrate her skin.

Next, she uses a powerful ampoule to provide her skin with intense moisture, giving it a soft and supple texture!

If her skin is feeling particularly dry, she uses a moisturising cream to lock in the benefits of the previous skincare products, and finishes her routine with high-quality sun protection.

Listen To Your Skin

Credits: @geewonii/Instagram

Ji-won has shared that she is always aware of her skin’s condition, believing that there’s only so much our skin can absorb at once. So, she makes sure to tailor her skincare routine to her day-to-day needs.

This means certain products can be swapped around or even temporarily avoided, based on how her skin feels that day!

If her skin feels drier, she tends to use heavier and thicker moisturisers to restore her skin’s hydration. In contrast, if her skin feels more oily than usual, she turns to lightweight serums to avoid overwhelming her skin.

Use Refrigerated Ampoule Pads

Credits: @geewonii/Instagram

Ampoules are one of Ji-won’s ultimate skincare products, since they can easily hydrate and soothe her skin, providing enough nourishment to give her a glowing complexion.

She has a unique method of applying her ampoules – she soaks a cotton pad with the product, leaves it in her fridge for 10 minutes, and then presses it on her cheeks, just like a toner pad or a sheet mask!

This method helps to better hydrate and plump your skin while shrinking pores, so that your skin and makeup will be flawless. In our tropical climate, it’s also a refreshing break from the heat for a bit of relaxing self-care.

Exfoliate Regularly

Credits: @geewonii/Instagram

Exfoliation is a key part of Ji-won’s routine, as it helps to gently clear dead skin cells and allow her skincare products to absorb into her skin more easily.

Keeping her skin smooth through exfoliation also helps her makeup to sit better, which is useful for long days of work.

Ji-won has revealed that she doesn’t carry a makeup pouch at all, as she often doesn’t have time to touch up her makeup throughout the day. Hence, with her busy schedule, achieving a flawless base is definitely a crucial part of her routine!

Rather than using harsh and abrasive scrubs, Ji-won goes for gentle formulations, such as the Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel.

This exfoliator improves your skin’s texture without irritating the skin or compromising your skin barrier, and even has a brightening effect for dull skin!

The Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel retails for S$35.20 at Watsons.

Remember Sun Protection

Credits: @geewonii/Instagram

To finish off her skincare routine, Ji-won makes sure to always use sunscreen! This helps to protect her skin barrier and prevent powerful UV rays from damaging her skin.

Regularly applying sunscreen has been proven to prevent premature signs of ageing, protect against skin cancer, and maintain an even skin tone. So, it’s definitely a step in our routines that we shouldn’t miss.

Ji-won’s personal choice for sun protection is the Dr. G Brightening Up Sun SPF 50+ PA+++.

It’s a gentle sunscreen for sensitive skin, with a peachy tint for a tone-up effect, giving you a flawless complexion that’s protected from the sun!

The Dr. G Brightening Up Sun SPF 50+ PA+++ retails for S$46.35 at Watsons.

Featured image credits: @geewonii/Instagram.