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Say whaaaat?!

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, has sat down with Kim Kardashian, front-lady of one of the most iconic American families today, to talk about their beauty secrets and we are SHOOK.


To promote the U.S.A. launch of her skincare line, MDNA Skin, Madonna joined Kim Kardashian in YouTube Space Los Angeles for a cosy chat about beauty and what it means to them at an event hosted by MDNA and moderated by Kandee Johnson.

Here are five beauty secrets we learnt from these two queens.

1. Use frozen eye masks to de-puff your eyes in the morning


As the reigning Queen of Pop who is revered for all her iconic looks and works that have shaken the music industry, you’d probably be surprised to learn that Madonna actually struggles with puffy eyes in the morning.

“I sleep on my face so I wake up with puffy eyes,” says the pop star. “It’s the worst position to sleep in, so when I wake up my eyes look like 12 planets.”

We wouldn’t have been able to guess that from the way Madonna looks now. Her secret? Frozen eye masks. “I had to do something about it so I created these eye masks that I filled with eye serum and I put them in the freezer and then put them under my eyes.”

2. No matter how busy you are, moisturise


You probably think that Kim Kardashian’s life is an easy one, with teams of assistants and executives at her beck and call. If that’s the case, you might be as surprised as we are to learn that she personally sends her kids to school in the mornings.

“My mornings are madness. Sometimes I get up at 5 a.m. to work out before I take the kids to school. It’s usually what I do,” says Kim K. “I don’t know if I even wash my face in the morning before I take my kids to school. I just brush my teeth and get out of there.”

Kim Kardashian doesn’t even know if she washes her face before leaving the house? Our lives were a lie. But whatever she may sacrifice in the facial cleansing department, she makes up more than adequately with her moisturising regime.

“I’m really big on moisturiser. I’m really big on the scent rose. I have rose mist by my bed, I’m a moisturizing freak. I’m a hydrated mom on the way to school.”

Moisturising is something that we strongly believe in here at Daily Vanity, and we’re happy to learn that Kim Kardashian feels the same way.

3. Skincare also means avoiding sunbathing and smoking


From the Hollywood culture that we see on our screens every day, you may have the impression that Americans are all about sunbathing. Madonna, however, begs to differ.

“I grew up in the Midwest and sunbathing isn’t part of the culture there,” she says. She lists old-time Hollywood icons Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, and Marlene Dietrich as the “personifications of beauty” in her life.

“They all look like they took good care of their skin. I don’t think any of them were sunbathers.”

Besides avoiding sunbathing, Madonna also declares that she has never touched a cigarette. “Those two things — until I could afford skin care — saved me.”

4. Exfoliating your face with this will save you a ton of cash

Cleansing Wipes 1

We’re all into the fancy exfoliants nowadays, and you may think that the Kardashians would have a pile of skincare products at their disposal.

For Kim K, the most inspiring skincare gurus in her life didn’t come from YouTube or social media. Rather, she looks to her mom, Kris Jenner, and her grandmother for beauty and skincare advice.

“My mom is my beauty inspiration … [She] was a stewardess for American Airlines,” explains the Kardashian.

Back then, stewardesses were able to take beauty classes at various destinations. A skincare tip that Kris Jenner learnt during one of these classes and subsequently shared with her daughters has stayed with Kim K ever since.

“My mom learned you should exfoliate your face with a hot washcloth at every washing. She’s seen the same facialist since she’s been 18 years old.”

5. Seriously, just moisturise

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On being asked what is the best skincare advice that they have ever given or received, Kim Kardashian and Madonna are unanimous in their answers.

“The best skin-care advice that I’ve always received and paid attention to is stay out of the sun… and hydration,” says Madonna.

“Mine is just moisturising,” Kim K goes straight to the point.

MDNA Skin is coming to Singapore!

Mdna A0 横.ai

The brand is a joint collaboration between Madonna and MTG, a Japanese beauty company with a stellar track record for beauty innovation, and was first

MDNA Skin uses only the best ingredients, like M.T.PARCA Thermal Water, Montecatini Clay, and even an African flower called the Resurrection plant.

“They … look like very unattractive shrubs…[but] you drop a few drops of moisture on them and they open up,” Madonna explains. “A flower comes out of it and they reinvent themselves. We’ve been able to extract the stems cells from this plant and put them in this all-in-one cream.”

The brand will be launching these products in Singapore:

  • The Rose Mist
  • Rejuvenator Set
  • Chrome Clay Mask
  • The Finishing Cream
  • The Face Wash
  • The Serum
  • The Eye Serum
  • The Eye Mask
  • Onyx Black carbon roller

Having first launched in Japan three years ago, the line is now available in Hong Kong and Taiwan, with plans to launch in Singapore, China, and Korea by this April! Stay tuned to Daily Vanity for more updates.