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Finding the perfect hairstyle that suits your face shape is very similar to a guess and check game – you’ll never know until you try it.

Whether you have a round, oblong, or V-shaped face, however, we’ve got you covered. We spotted these gorgeous hairstyles on some of our favourite Korean celebrities, and there’s simply no better source of hair inspiration than from these starlets.

You’ll want to bookmark this piece for your next trip to the salon.

Round face shape

1. Long hair with bangs

long hair with bangs for round face

Image Source: Pinterest

This look first rose to popularity back in 2018 where almost every girl you walked past on the streets of Korea would be sporting that exact style. And likewise, Chaewon from Izone can be seen rocking the same hairstyle.

Having hair that’s past the chest area helps shift the focus away from a round face shape, which is why so many people love coming back to this style over and over again.

2. Long, side-swept bangs

side bangs for round face

Image Source: Pinterest

Side-swept bangs create the illusion of a longer, slimmer face, and it helps if there’s a slight wave to them. It narrows and frames a round face shape, as seen on Joy from Red Velvet in the image above.

3. Cute bob

bob cut for round face

Image Source: Pinterest

If you prefer a cuter look, go for a voluminous, chin-length bob. A style that Gfriend’s Eunha has been sporting for many years, this haircut is one you can trust.

Oblong face shapes

4. Shoulder-length hair

short hair for oblong face shape

Image Source: Pinterest

If you have an oblong face shape, hair that’s incredibly long can drag your features down and make you appear more tired or haggard.

Instead, opt for a shoulder-length cut like the one Twice’s Mina is sporting. It should end just slightly below your chin to help create a lifting effect.

5. Face-framing bangs

framing bangs for oblong face shape

Image Source: Pinterest

If short bangs aren’t your style, try a chin-length fringe instead. They’ll define your face shape, as demonstrated by Sunmi as she pulls two pieces from her sides down.

V-shape face shape

6. Curtain bangs

eight bangs for v shape face

Image Source: Pinterest

For the uninitiated, curtain bangs or the “eight” bangs style is a centre part that has bangs falling around the side of your face, following the shape of the Chinese character of the number eight (八). Whether you wear your hair down or up in a ponytail, this helps to frame your face to look achieve a slimming effect.

eight bangs on chungha

Image Source: Pinterest

Known for her prominent V-shaped face, Chungha rocks the “eight” bangs style flawlessly too.

Square face shape

7. Layered medium length hair

short hair for square faced shape

Image Source: Pinterest

It’s been more than a decade since actress Gu Hye Sun’s starred as a female lead in the hit K-drama, Boys Over Flowers. She looks like hasn’t aged one bit since then, and she still sports a medium-length haircut to this day.

Taking a page from her book, we recommend layering your hair towards the ends of your tresses for a more voluminous top that tapers down to create the appearance of a narrower chin and jaw.