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It’s easy to think that our favourite celebrities have struck the genetic lottery when we look at their flawless complexion. But many of them actually have a unique set of skincare tips that they attribute their good skin to. Thankfully for us, many of them have shared what they’ve been doing for their skin.

Want to know the Korean celebrities’ skincare tips? Read on!

1. The 424 Method


Popular idol and actress Bae Suzy swears by the 424 cleansing regime. What this means: four minutes of rubbing oil all over the face, followed by two minutes of foaming cleanser, and then rinsing with water for four minutes. This is how she ensures that her face is clean of any dirt and makeup; after all, a clean face reduces the chances of acne and forms the foundation for flawless skin!


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2. Drinking lots of water


We know that drinking water is important, not just for our health, but also for our skin. Song Ji-eun from the girl band Secret is zealous with drinking up as a way to keep her skin radiant. She makes sure to drink three to four litres of water daily for glistening skin. She even says that she feels the difference if she doesn’t drink as much water for a prolonged period.

3. Consistent moisturisation


Ha Ji-won is obsessed with moisturising her skin. This Korean top actress does not allow her skin to be dry for longer than three seconds. Immediately after cleansing, she applies the jelly pack from her own skincare line, J-one, to restore moisture to her face. If your skincare products are on your vanity or away from the shower, Ji-won suggests keeping a facial mist spray in the bathroom to start off your skincare routine. Keep your face constantly moisturised so your glow can shine through!

4. Create your own masks


Song Hye-Kyo may be endorsing skincare brands, but she also enjoys homemade masks once in a while. She has talked about a couple of recipes. In one, she blends the whites of one egg and a spoonful of honey. Apply the mixture to her face and rinse off when dry, for baby soft skin. In another, she mixes honey with water in a 1:2 ratio. Then, she massages the mixture onto her face and rinses it off. She claims that this recipe helps brighten the appearance of skin and visibly reduces fine lines. She recommends using each mask fortnightly.

5. 2-Step Mask


Have you been religiously using masks? If you have, it’s time to amp it up a notch! Actress Go Hyun-Jung relies on a two-step mask routine every week to keep her skin dewy and radiant. The first step involves a mask booster that can prep and prime the skin. Next, she uses a sheet mask that is soaked in serum for nourishment. According to Hyun-Jung, her mother uses the same routine too!

6. Be smart about cleansing


Another tip from Go Hyun-Jung is regarding cleansing. She recommends cleansing the T-zone (forehead and nose area) first, followed by the U-zone (cheeks). This is because our T-zone is oilier while our U-zone tends to be drier, and by cleansing it last, you’re making sure that the drier area is not exposed to cleanser for too long.

7. Healthy diet


Several celebrities claim that their healthy diets are to be thanked for their gorgeous skin. Here are some of their tips:

  • Minah from Girl’s Day believes that eating cooked tomatoes can help improve skin.
  • B1A4’s Baro avoids oily items which lead to acne breakouts. (Editor’s note: Fried food can trigger inflammation and in turn, cause pimples to appear.)
  • INFINITE’s Sungyeol consumes lettuce concentrate as a way to keep his skin healthy.

They may not have the same recipe for good skin, nonetheless, the theme is clear – stock up on the fruits and vegetables!

8. Cover skin with oil


Many of us may be afraid of oil products, but not Seohyun from SNSD. In order to seal in moisture and keep her skin glowing, Seohyun professes to applying facial oil after her cleansing routine.

9. Start skincare routine with hand cleansing


We’ve always known that the first step to any skincare regime is “cleansing” and by that, we take it as cleansing our face. For Daesung from Big Bang, “cleansing” means washing his hands thoroughly. He shares that he scrubs his hands for a few minutes before beginning his skincare routine proper. This ensures that he is not transferring any bacteria or impurities to his skin.

10. Wash face with milk

korean celebrity skincare tips song joong ki

Credit: @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

If you’re envious of Song Joong-Ki’s fair and smooth-looking skin, try this tip that he shared. The Descendant of the Sun actor says that he washes his face with milk as part of his nightly routine.

11. Soothe pimples after shower


To soothe down pimples, model Irene Kim has a simple hack. After a hot shower, she soaks a cotton swab with toner or face mist and places it onto the affected area.

12. Sanitise pimples


Just like Irene Kim, Korean actress Go Hyung-jung has a hack she swears by for treating breakouts – she bathes pimples with salted, lukewarm water, which she says helps sanitise them and reduce inflammation.

13. Focus on the basics


Song Ji-Hyo admits that she’s someone who prefers to feel comfortable than “look good”. Her enviable complexion is a result of a minimalist routine that focuses on the basics. Song Ji-Hyo says that she sleeps a lot, and focuses on getting her cleansing steps right. She also professes to using little makeup – who knows, that could also have contributed to her great skin!

14. Pamper your skin with masks


Actress Park Shin-hye is religious about masking. She shares that she applies a mask every day, especially when she is filming and subjected to harsher environmental elements. She explains that daily masking keeps her skin hydrated and looking less fatigued.

Feature image credit: @ireneisgood/ Instagram

15. “7 skin” method

korean celeb skincare

Credits: @goyounjung/Instagram

Though the adage suggests “less is more,” Go Yoon Jung is adamant that following this intensive seven-step routine religiously is the key to her flawless and healthy skin.

Go Yoon Jung begins her routine with a clay mask, which effectively cleanses her face of accumulated gunk, sebum, and oils, especially after a long day.

After thoroughly cleansing her face, she applies the first layer of toner, using cotton pads or her fingers to get into every nook and cranny – a necessity given that her job requires her to wear full-face makeup every day.

This process is then repeated six times more before moving on to serums and eye cream to lighten her dark spots and remove impurities. She also avoids products containing sulphates, parabens, or harmful chemicals, opting instead for delicate and gentle options.

16. Avoiding the use of a towel and drinking hibiscus tea

korean celeb skincare

Credits: @limjjy2/Instagram

Lim Ji Yeon ensures her skin remains moisturised by avoiding the use of a towel to wipe her face and performing her skincare routine while her face is still slightly damp to lock in the moisture, giving her the much coveted radiant, and glowy look on screen.

To preserve her clear complexion, she also incorporates hibiscus tea into her routine, as it aids in detoxifying the body and preventing premature ageing.

17. Using organic eye mask and drinking collagen-infused water

korean celeb skincare

Credits: @shinhs831/Instagram

For Shin Hye Sun, skincare is a priority, and she swears by using organic eye masks every night, and is mindful of avoiding products containing harmful elements like parabens and formaldehyde.

After long and tiring schedules, she double cleanses diligently to ensure her face is free from any accumulated gunk, and indulges in soothing serums and night creams to rejuvenate her skin.

Beyond external care, Shin Hye Sun emphasises inner beauty too. For her, looking after health is crucial for radiant skin. As such, collagen-infused water is her go-to drink as it aids in cell regeneration and slows down ageing, proving that beauty truly comes from within for the “Mr. Queen” star.

18. Prioritising sleep

korean celeb skincare

Credits: @xeesoxee/Instagram

Han So Hee revealed in a 2018 interview that the one thing she prioritises to maintain her flawless skin is getting enough sleep.

“Sleep is related to one’s complexion,” she explained, “so I try to get at least four hours of sleep a day.”

While four hours of sleep may seem insufficient for most of us, it’s quite a feat for celebrities like Han So Hee, who frequently have packed schedules and little time to rest.

However, for optimal health and beauty, we strongly advise getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep per day.

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