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Though experts suggest postponing our leisure travel plans till the middle or end of next year, we can still pamper ourselves in Singapore while we wait. After all, it seems like the only sensible and responsible thing to do during 2021. Whether you’re booking another staycation, facial treatment or mani-pedi session, it looks like 2021 is going to be yet another year of self-care.

So if you’ve always wanted to try an aesthetic treatment, there’s really no better time to do so. Contrary to popular belief, the costs of aesthetic treatments aren’t that much steeper compared to those of regular facials, slimming treatments, and salon services.

When done at licensed MOH clinics, these treatments can be performed safely by a professional doctor, which can help to contour your face, reduce fine lines, and get rid of dark eye circles – things that a facial won’t be able to achieve.

To find out more about the top four aesthetic treatments recommended by Dr Wong Kee Seng, founder and Medical Director of Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic, keep reading. We’ll be breaking each procedure down, from their downtime to their prices, to help you make an informed decision. Spoiler alert: The total cost of these treatments is less than a trip to Europe!

1. Liquid Facelift: Wrinkles and sagging skin

Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic Dermal Filler

To perform the Liquid Facelift, Dr Wong uses botulinum toxin, better known as botox or ‘miracle toxin’. Though it may not be the new kid on the block, botox is still one of the best options for firming your skin as well as reducing wrinkles and fine lines. What sets Kowayo’s Liquid Facelift apart, however, is that it uses a “soft botox” along the hairline, covering the side of the face, forehead, and jawline. This helps to keep your whole face lifted without looking stiff and ‘plastic’.

Wrinkles are a form of skin trauma that is caused by muscle contraction. What botox does is block the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine from nerve endings at the neuromuscular junction. In other words, the treated muscle will relax temporarily for four to six months. When your muscles relax, wrinkles and fine lines will be less visible, and your skin will appear smoother.

Downtime & aftercare

Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic Liquid Facelift

Using a fine needle, “soft botox” will be delivered into the skin via a series of tiny injections. It is a simple procedure that takes less than 10 minutes to complete and it is tolerable with numbing cream.

There is no downtime and no specific aftercare needed too. The effects of botox will be visible after four to five days and you’ll see optimal results in two weeks. Rest assured, you won’t end up with an unnatural or “plastic” look because “soft botox” is less harsh than a traditional botox treatment.

Recommended number of sessions: Twice a year
Price: S$800 per session

2. Dermal filler: Dark eye circles and eye bags

Kowayo Dark Eye Circles

Genetics, smoking, an unhealthy diet, allergic rhinitis (also known as hay fever), and prolonged screen time can all contribute to the look of your panda eyes. The root causes of dark eye circles are skin thinning and poor blood circulation, hence, using an eye cream alone certainly won’t reduce dark eye circles.

That is why the most effective treatment is to fill up the tear trough with dermal fillers. The tear trough refers to the sunken area that extends from the inner corner of your lower eyelid towards the middle of the cheek.

Combining hyaluronic acid with multivitamins and antioxidants, Redensity II is a unique dermal filler specifically designed for the tear trough, which restores volume and lightens dark eye circles. On top of that, it helps to smooth out fine lines and improve eye bags too.

How the procedure is done


Downtime & aftercare

You may notice mild puffiness post-treatment, but that will disappear shortly after as the filler stabilises within your skin tissues. While there isn’t any aftercare required, you should lay off strenuous exercise for three days after the procedure as a precaution.

Recommended number of sessions: Once a year
Price: S$800 per session

3. Ellansé Collagen Stimulator: Sunken cheeks, laugh lines, and marionette lines

Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic Ellanse Copy

If your skin doesn’t look as plump and radiant as it used to, it may be time to consider Ellansé, a filler that contains collagen-stimulating properties. Unlike other fillers, it does not use hyaluronic acid (HA) as its main component. Instead, Ellansé consists of poly-caprolactone (PCL), a medical polymer that’s used to create surgical sutures and stents, and carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) gel, which provides volume support.

Once it is delivered into the skin, the CMC gel instantly fills up sunken areas, while the PCL microspheres stimulate collagen within the next few months to replace the dissolving CMC gel. This way, you will enjoy an immediate lifting result while waiting for collagen production. After three to six months, you will notice improvements in skin elasticity, smoothness and radiance. Ellansé can be used on the cheeks, laugh lines, marionette lines, and forehead.

How the procedure is done


Downtime & aftercare

Ellansé can last longer (two to three years), compared to a traditional HA filler, which typically lasts one year. Since it stimulates your own collagen production, the end result is more natural.

The procedure has low-to-zero downtime and discomfort, but you may experience mild swelling for two days due to water retention. It is best to avoid strenuous exercise for three days after the treatment.

Recommended number of sessions: Once every two years
Price: S$1000 – S$1200 (1ml of Ellansé M)

4. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU): Sagging skin, smile lines, and double chin

Woman With Lifted Skin

If you’ve tried everything from facial exercises to gua sha and have yet to achieve a slimmer face, try a High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment. It uses ultrasound energy to target two layers of skin: the subcutaneous and the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS).

The ultrasound energy will stimulate the production of collagen to reduce a double chin, smooth over fine lines, and lift sagging skin – all without making any incisions on your face. If you’re wondering what the differences are between Ulthera and HIFU, there actually aren’t any. Ulthera is simply the brand name of the machine that delivers HIFU technology.

However, Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic uses a newer generation of HIFU machine, known as Utracel Q+. It is able to deliver the ultrasound wave quicker compared to traditional HIFU. Plus, Dr Wong assures that you will experience much less discomfort, so if you are looking for a non-invasive facelift or find Ulthera a little too painful, Kowayo’s HIFU would be ideal for you.

Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic Hifu Procedure 1

Downtime & aftercare

HIFU bypasses the outer layer of skin and targets the deeper layers. Since the surface of your skin won’t be affected, there is minimal to no downtime. However, you may experience mild redness, which will dissipate within an hour. There is no aftercare required.

You’ll notice a skin firming effect one week after the treatment, and optimal results can be seen one month later as the body produces collagen and elastin.

Recommended number of sessions: Twice per year
Price: S$600 – S$900 per session

The cost of four treatments per year

If you’re still on the fence about trying an aesthetic treatment, here’s a quick breakdown of the total annual cost of the aforementioned treatments. The following prices are estimates based on the average cost of treatments in aesthetic clinics in Singapore. The prices may vary based on individual needs and doses required.

Liquid Facelift: S$800 (requires two sessions per year)
Dermal Filler: S$700 – S$800 (1ml)
Ellansé M: S$1,000 – S$1,200 (1ml)
HIFU: S$600 – S$900 (requires two sessions per year)
Total average: S$5,000 – S$6,000 per year

Not sure which aesthetic treatment is right for you? You can head down to Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic for a consultation. Dr Wong will assess your condition and recommend suitable treatments to keep you looking your best all year round.

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