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When we think of K-pop idols, we think of their flawless complexions and radiant glass skin.

Genetics and pure luck aren’t the only factors to achieving such camera-ready perfection. It’s a result of their hard work and dedication in maintaining a skincare routine that goes beyond just a splash of water and a dab of moisturiser.

Ex K-pop idol, Daisy, unveils her skincare routine back from when she was an active member of girl group Momoland, following up with recommendations of her favourite products.

If you want picture-perfect skin like your favourite idols, read on for more about their skincare routine!

Use Vitamin C for Flawless Skin

Daisy Ex-Kpop Idol Skincare Vitamin C

Credits: @daisiesforyu/TikTok

As idols are constantly getting photographed, facing the harsh and glaring flash lights of these cameras that get progressively more high definition, it is extremely important for them to have flawless and even skin.

One way they achieve this is with the use of Vitamin C serums. Daisy shares that Vitamin C is a great ingredient to clear up pigmentation, bumps and scars. Not only does it brighten and evens out your skin tone, it also smoothens out your skin texture.

Dr. Althea Vitamin C Boosting Serum

If Daisy had to recommend one Vitamin C serum, it would be Dr. Althea’s Vitamin C Boosting Serum. Unlike other serums she had used before, this serum does not have an oily or sticky consistency, absorbing well into her skin.

The prowess of Vitamin C is not just hearsay! After using this product consistently daily, she noticed her acne scars fading.

Dr. Althea Vitamin C Boosting Serum retails for S$29.63 and is available on shopee.sg. It is going at S$26.16 at the time of writing.

Double Cleanse To Remove Heavy Makeup

Daisy Ex-Kpop Idol Skincare Cleanser

Credits: @daisiesforyu/TikTok

While the cleansing process is a vital part of everyone’s skincare routine, it is exceptionally important for a K-pop idol to have good cleansing habits.

They often have on heavy stage makeup, requiring layers of makeup to get them camera-ready. While their seamless base makeup might look natural and skin-like on camera, it’s a lot thicker in reality.

Daisy also adds that more product is continuously packed on top of their base makeup throughout the day. Failure to properly remove these layers of makeup can lead to a build up of dirt and oil that will clog pores and ultimately, result in acne and bumps on the skin.

NUMBUZIN No.1 Easy Peasy Cleansing Oil

Daisy Ex-Kpop Idol Skincare Cleansing Oil

For the first step of your cleansing routine, Daisy recommends NUMBUZIN’s No.1 Easy Peasy Cleansing Oil as it isn’t thick, despite having an oil consistency.

It also does not get in her eyes, and can be used to remove her whole face of makeup. She does not require an additional eye and lip makeup remover—it can even remove her mascara!

NUMBUZIN No.1 Easy Peasy Cleansing Oil retails at S$44 and is available on cocomo.sg. It is going at S$30.80 at the time of writing. 

Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam

Daisy Ex-Kpop Idol Skincare Cleansing Foam

After she removes her makeup with the oil cleanser, she will double cleanse using a foam cleanser. Her cleanser of choice is the Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam.

This cleanser removes makeup and impurities without stripping the skin. It’s no wonder she says she has no complains about it!

Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam retails at S$28.25 and is available on watsons.com.sg. It is going at S$24.01 at the time of writing.

Use One Sheet Mask Everyday

Daisy Ex-Kpop Idol Skincare Sheet Mask

Credits: @daisiesforyu/TikTok

Although the public opinion is split on whether it’s a good idea to use one sheet mask daily, Daisy has no intention to stop.

The 1-Day-1-Mask Challenge used to trend in Korea, encouraging people to use a different sheet mask everyday.

She refrigerates her sheet masks to keep them cool, storing them in a fridge basket as pictured above. This is so that when she puts the sheet mask on, its cooling sensation will help cool the temperature of her skin.

Toner Pads Are a Good Alternative

Daisy Ex-Kpop Idol Skincare Toner

Credits: @daisiesforyu/TikTok

If you do not have sheet masks at home, toner pads make a good alternative! What Daisy does is to put a toner pad on her forehead and each side of her cheek, leaving it on like she would with a sheet mask.

Don’t rush out to get toner pads if you don’t already have them at home. You can also grab some cotton pads, soak them in your toner and put them on the way you would with toner pads for the same effect!

Featured image credits: @daisiesforyu/Instagram