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Here’s an effortless makeup trick that is so subtle yet so powerful.

We’re talking about the “philtrum hack”, a makeup technique that K-pop idols like Le Sserafim’s Kim Chaewon and Aespa’s Winter have been using to get that mesmerising glow-up.

Want to pick up this trick for yourself? Grab a seat and get ready to learn all about the latest game-changing makeup hack in town.

What is the Philtrum?

kpop idol philtrum hack

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

That tiny groove between your upper lip and nose? That’s the philtrum. That area might seem unassuming, but it actually plays a pretty important role in shaping how your face looks.

As we age, our philtrum gets longer and lighter due to weakening of muscles. Hence, a shorter and deeper philtrum can look more youthful and cuter, as compared to a long, and light one, which can make you look more mature and older.

Now that you see how the philtrum matters, let’s check out how K-pop idols are shaping theirs to get that instant glow-up!

The K-pop Idol’s Philtrum Hack


Lets talk how important is philtrum and how to fake perfect philtrum with makeup! #facialproportions #kpopmakeup #idolmakeup #youthful #koreanmakeup

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Contouring Your Philtrum

kpop idol philtrum hack

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

Take a small brush and a light contour shade. Find the middle of your philtrum and draw a straight line connecting your nose to your lips.

kpop idol philtrum hack

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

Next, draw a horizontal line on your cupid’s bow and connect it to the line you drew on your philtrum, forming a small triangle. This creates the illusion of a natural-looking short philtrum.

With this contouring trick, your philtrum will instantly appear shorter, and your lips will look fuller, just like Jen (@l_yuhann on TikTok).

Overline Your Lips

kpop idol philtrum hack

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

For an extra plump look and to enhance the shortened philtrum effect, try overdrawing your upper lips. Jen achieves this by dabbing her lipstick slightly above her cupid’s bow and blending it in until it looks natural. She then adds lip gloss on the cupid’s bow for that extra pop.

kpop idol philtrum hack

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

And there you have it! Just take a peek at how much more defined and cute Jen’s makeup looks after contouring her philtrum and overdrawing her lips!

Products she used

KATE Designing Eyebrow 3D EX-4

kpop idol philtrum hack

For those who prefer keeping it simple when on the go, this Japanese eyebrow powder is a game-changer with its versatile uses.

Its three-colour palette lets you achieve natural-looking brows, and you can also apply it on your eyelids for subtle contouring and even on your nose. The texture is light and matte, seamlessly blending into your skin.

Best of all, the compact brow and nose shadow brush included are of surprisingly good quality!

KATE Designing Eyebrow 3D EX-4 retails for S$18.80 and is available at Amazon.

Borica Lip Plumper Extra Serum 01 Pink

kpop idol philtrum hack

Popular in Japan as an dupe to Dior’s lip gloss, the Borica Lip Plumper Extra Serum in 01 Pink is adored for its ability in hiding those fine lines on your lips and giving them a super smooth and plump appearance.

Borica Lip Plumper Extra Serum 01 Pink retails for S$24.82 and is available at Yesstyle.

Featured image credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok