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If you have medium to long hair, dealing with the heat and humidity in Singapore can be a common struggle.

Instead of relying on the usual messy ponytail, why not consider these 15 simple yet stunning hairstyles that can add a touch of glamour to your look?

We’ve searched the internet for inspiration, featuring stylish hairstyles seen on celebrities like Blackpink’s Lisa and Jennie, SNSD’s Tae-Yeon, and more!

Na-Yeon: Side Swept Bangs Ponytail

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @nayeonyny/Instagram

We get it – throwing your hair up in a high ponytail is a no-brainer in hot weather. But, if you’re in the mood for a little extra flair, take a cue from Na-Yeon.

Leave out a few front pieces, sweep them to the sides, and secure your hair with a bobby pin. It adds a chic ’90s vibe to the classic high ponytail look, making it an easy-peasy upgrade!

Suzy: Cute High Top Bun

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @skuukzky/Instagram

Suzy’s rocking the hime haircut and has become our latest hair inspiration, but that doesn’t mean she’s not pulling off other iconic looks. One of her favourites is a simple high-top bun – she casually slicks back all her hair, making sure none of it falls on her face.

It totally makes sense why she goes for this style on scorching summer days – it’s hands down the coolest option for those with long hair!

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Jennie: Classy Bow Braid

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Need a cooling hairstyle to go with that new fancy dress you snagged for a formal event? A quick way to jazz up your hair is to gather it into a medium ponytail and throw in a simple braid.

To really nail that elegant feel, take a cue from Jennie and toss in some black bows – you’ll be giving off major Audrey Hepburn vibes, like something out of a romantic movie.

Hye-Won: Playful Coquette Braids

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @hyemhyemu/Instagram

Hye-Won’s hairstyle is like the younger, more carefree version of Jennie’s elegant bow braid. It exudes a fun and casual vibe, giving off innocent charm.

To achieve this look, simply gather both sides of your hair into pigtails, braid them, and secure them with ribbons. To capture that laid-back, playful feel, gently loosen up your braids by giving them a little tug. And don’t hesitate to leave a few strands loose for that extra carefree touch!

Yu Qi: Puffy Pigtails

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @official_g_i_dle/Instagram

Feeling a bit more spunky and sporty? Give YuQi’s puffy pigtail look a shot. Just loosely French braid both sides of your hair, stopping at the end of your head, and tie the rest of your hair up into pigtails!

Chae-Won: Unique Crown Braid

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @_chaechae_1/Instagram

If you enjoy giving your hair a fresh new look every day, you’ll definitely be standing out from the crowd with Chae-Won’s unique crown braid hairdo.

Begin by splitting your hair into two sections and create French braids for each. Use elastic ties to secure them in place. Then, take the end of your right braid, bring it over to the left, and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat this step for the left braid.

To amp up your style, you can even add some ribbons for a fun and personalised touch!

Lisa: Adorable Space Buns

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

One hairstyle that ruled the 2010s is the iconic space buns, and Lisa rocked it with a modern twist by letting some of her hair cascade down the sides of her face. To nail this look, just split your hair into two parts, twist each side into a high ponytail, and wrap it around to create a bun on both sides.

And if you want a laid-back vibe, don’t forget to give the sides of the buns a gentle tug to loosen them up a bit!

Tae-Yeon: Space Bun Braids

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Why not take it to the next level with space bun braids, just like Tae-Yeon? She’s nailing the classic French braids, topped off with space buns on both sides. To amp up your style, throw in some strings and ribbons for an extra pop of texture and colour!

Winter: Gorgeous Trio Braids

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @imwinter/Instagram

Change things up with your usual twin braids by trying out Winter’s style and adding a third one on the side. It’s easy: just braid one side of your hair like you normally do. On the other side, split it into the top and bottom.

Start by braiding the top half, making sure it falls to the side of your face, and then braid the bottom half as you usually would. You’ll be surprised at how much better this hairstyle looks than you’d think!

Yea-Won: Chic Low Bun

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @yeah.w__/Instagram

If you prefer something more mature, give Single Inferno’s Yea-Won’s low-slung bun a shot. You can recreate it in under a minute – just twist your hair into a bun, secure it tightly with an elastic, and make sure the style remains loose and relaxed.

Yea-Won’s chic wispy flyaways bring a touch of glamour to her look, and you can cop her style by giving your locks a spritz of sea salt spray and leaving some strands to frame your face!

Sana: Y2K High Bun

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @m.by__sana/Instagram

Adding a twist to the typical clean-girl, sleek, high-bun aesthetic, Sana’s hairstyle injects a hint of Y2K essence with strategically placed front bangs. To achieve this look, just pull a few strands of your front hair out and sweep them across your forehead.

Once you’ve got the arrangement you like, secure those front pieces in place all day by using eyelash glue to pin them to your skin. It’s a simple trick that ensures your stylish front pieces stay put!

Tae-Yeon: Claw Clip French Up-do

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

If you find the whole elastic tying routine a bit too much trouble, why not simplify things with a claw clip? It’s a quick and easy way to pin your hair up without the fuss.

For a chic and effortless style inspired by Tae-Yeon, go for her go-to claw clip look – the twisted French up-do. Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail. Then, twist the ponytail all the way to the ends. Pull the twisted ponytail upward and secure it in place with a large claw clip. That’s it!

Jessica Jung: Elegant Low Side Pony

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @jessica.syj/Instagram

If you’re not a fan of having all your hair swept back, consider trying out Jessica Jung’s graceful low side pony.

Despite its elegant appearance, achieving this hairstyle is a breeze. Simply make a deep side part with a fine-tooth comb and gather the remaining hair into a low ponytail.

You can secure your ‘do with a hair tie and be done with it, but for an extra touch of finesse, take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around for a more sophisticated look!

Bo-Mi: Lively Balloon Ponytail

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @__yoonbomi__/Instagram

Maybe you’ve got on a cute puffy dress and you want to add a lively touch to your look? Consider going for the Apink Bo-Mi-inspired balloon ponytail hairstyle. It’s simple – just divide your low ponytail into more sections and secure each with hair elastics or ribbons.

Just be sure to give those sections a gentle tug to fluff up the hair and achieve that voluminous balloon effect.

Na-Yeon: Pretty Ribbon Braid Bun

hot weather idol hairstyles

Credits: @nayeonyny/Instagram

Check out Na-Yeon’s super pretty and practical hairstyle – perfect for keeping your hair in check on scorching days!

Here’s the simple breakdown: divide your hair into two sections and start French braiding. On the left, braid until a few inches from the end, securing it with an elastic.

Meanwhile, on the right, French braid and guide it towards the left side so that it ends alongside the left elastic, creating a chic side-swept ponytail. After that, twist your ponytail into a bun and add a ribbon for that extra touch of prettiness!

Featured image credits: @skuukzky/Instagram, @hyemhyemu/Instagram, @_chaechae_1/Instagram