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If you’ve been hooked on Korean dramas, chances are you’ve come across Doona on Netflix, brought to life by the multi-talented actress and singer, Bae Suzy. Beyond the captivating storyline, there’s one thing that’s taken social media by storm – Suzy’s hime haircut!

We get it. You might be itching to grab those scissors and cut your side bangs right now, but hold on a second!


Photo credit: @suzybaee_officiall/Instagram

Before you give in to your hair makeover impulse, let’s take a deep dive into whether this hime cut will be your ticket to hair heaven or a regret-filled night.

We came across a TikTok video by Lianna (@liana.melabimage), a personal stylist who shared how to ensure the hime haircut suits your features, sparing you from future hair-related drama!

What Does the Hime Haircut Do to Your Appearance?


Photo credit: @skuukzky/Instagram.

This alluring haircut delivers three significant transformations. It can elongate and slim down your face, draw attention to your eyes, and radiate a youthful, distinctive, and almost animated charm!

How Can You Determine if the Hime Haircut Suits You?

Lianna highlighted examples of idols who look great in this haircut due to their similar facial features.


Here are three key indicators to consider:

Point #1: You have a round face shape or a soft, rounded chin.
Point #2: Your eyes are proportionally large and rounded, with thick aegyosal (under-eye bags).
Point #3: You possess delicate apple cheeks, located right in front of your face.

How to Tell if the Hime Haircut Might Not Be a Good Fit For You

If you have either prominent side cheekbones or high 45-degree angle cheekbones, the hime cut may create a hollow effect that accentuates your cheekbones and disrupts facial balance.


A sharp, prominent square jawline can also be a factor to consider. The hime cut, ending near your jawline, may make your face appear wider and square.


Some individuals say that if you have a long midface, a hime haircut ending at the jawline can make your midface appear shorter. But if you also have a long lower face, it might emphasise the length of your chin area.


If you’re still determined to rock the hime cut, Lianna suggests starting with smaller pieces of hair right next to your face instead of cutting larger chunks. You’ll also want to take reference photos to the hair salon.

It’s crucial to seek expert advice from a stylist to figure out just how closely you should mimic the hime cut!

So, take a deep breath and do your homework. While Suzy looks drop-dead gorgeous with this cut, it’s definitely worth thinking twice before making an impulsive decision!

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Featured image credits: @suzybaee_officiall/Instagram, @skuukzky/Instagram, @suzy.kzy/Instagram.