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We’ve all been there before – staring at our favourite celebrities through our phone screens wishing to achieve a certain makeup look or hairstyle that they’ve pulled off.

Yes, we feel you too, which is why we’ve got our hands on a tutorial from RED (a.k.a. China’s Instagram) that shows us in detail how to achieve the low pony look we’ve been spotting on Korean celebrities.

kpop idols with low ponytail

Image Source: Pinterest

Jennie from BLACKPINK (left) and singer-turned-actress Suzy (right) are definitely not foreign faces in the industry, and they’ve been spotted rocking the effortless low pony look countless times at media events, on the streets, and even editorial photoshoots.

chinese celebs with low ponytail

Image Source: RED

Going beyond K-pop and K-dramas, many Chinese actresses have also been sporting this look that we can’t get over.

Ready to attempt the low pony hairstyle? Read on to find out how you can achieve this style in just two easy steps.

A guide to the low pony hairstyle

Step 1: Section your hair

step 1.1

You’ll first want to start off by taking out a small section of hair on both sides of your ears. Then, combine the two sections of hair to create a ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic.

step 1.2

Next, lift the ponytail up and hold it down with a claw clip.

step 1.3

Then, tie the bottom section of your hair into a ponytail and position it a little higher – this will lend an elegant feel to your look at the final step.

Step 2: Twirl your hair

step 2.1

Grab the top ponytail and create a hole right above the hair elastic.

step 2.2

Once you’ve got hold of the hole, twist it and loop the bottom ponytail through it.

step 2.3

Lastly, tighten the hair elastic attached to the top ponytail and hide it beneath the main ponytail. If you were wondering why you had to twist the upper ponytail, you’ll understand why as pictured above on the right. The twist helps create a sleek and seamless ponytail look while adding volume to the hair.

And just like that, you’ve achieved the low pony look of your dreams!

The second step may seem slightly more complicated than the first, so you might want to follow this video tutorial along the way.

All screenshots taken from RED