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We can’t deny the lure and power of beautiful hair, especially when it’s as glamorous as K-pop singer Krystal Jung’s.

With a saturated pool of K-pop stars and celebrities, it can get very competitive and can be very difficult to stand out. Other than her flawless skin, slender figure, and princess-like appearance, Krystal’s lustrous hair is also a key factor that amplifies her beauty.

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Credit: @vousmevoyez/Instagram

Since her early days with K-pop girl group F(X), you’ll notice that the lead vocalist’s hair is always on point, amongst other things. And even on the screens of K-dramas, Krystal’s hair still looks as shiny and healthy as ever.

It’s really hard to catch her with a bad hair day. Whether it’s straight or curled, natural or dyed, her luscious locks always seem to emanate a sort of elegance that only deities have.

How Krystal Jung takes care of her hair

As a celebrity with a hectic work schedule, Krystal needs to find time to care for her health and appearance — both equally essential and ingrained in the qualities of a K-pop star.

how to get hair like f(x) krystal jung

Credit: @tsubaki_sg/Instagram

The haircare product that she highly raves about and recommends is Tsubaki’s Premium EX Intensive Repair Shampoo and Treatment Conditioner, which gives her silky, smooth hair instantly.

Dubbed as a product that offers salon-quality hair in the comfort of your home with zero waiting time, the Premium EX Intensive Repair range can transform your tresses; from severely damaged hair to a mane of strong, healthy hair.

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Credit: @vousmevoyez/Instagram

Like any other haircare product, you lather on the shampoo and wash it off before moving on to the conditioner.

The best part? You can rinse it off immediately, with no waiting time necessary, to achieve smooth and stunning hair.

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Credit: @vousmevoyez/Instagram

With that, you’ll be a step closer to achieving lustrous hair that cascades down your back, just like Krystal’s.

How does the Tsubaki Premium EX Intensive Repair work?

Most shampoos and conditioners for hair repair use oils and silicones, which will have an adverse effect and result in thick, greasy hair instead.

tsubaki damage sensor function, krystal jung hair

Unlike other products in the market, the Premium Ex Intensive Repair’s Damage Sensor Technology smartly detects damaged areas and instantly repairs them without overwhelming the hair.

That means that your damaged hair will receive all the nutrients it needs to get healthy while the areas that are less damaged won’t be overloaded with unnecessary nutrients.

tsubaki hair product technology

And the first-ever Ionic Repair Ingredient present repairs split ends and unevenness from deep inside each strand to maintain smooth, damage-free hair.

For the uninitiated, unruly hair is mostly due to weakened protein bonds in the hair, which causes hair cuticles to peel. That means the hair’s damaged hair shaft has negative electrical charges.

With the ionic repair ingredients in Tsubaki’s shampoo and conditioner being positively charged, it’ll counter the damages — working to reinforce protein bonds and repair hair shape from within.

What makes Tsubaki’s product so unique?

tsubaki premium ex intensive repair

Credit: @tsubaki_sg/Instagram

A leading haircare provider in Japan since 2006, Tsubaki offers the finest quality haircare products that are infused with natural ingredients.

To make it even better and more powerful, the Premium EX Intensive Repair includes Japan-grown camellia oil (Japan’s best-kept beauty secret). This powerhouse ingredient provides great moisture to the hair and leaves it with a natural shine.

Completing the Golden Repair ingredient repertoire are beneficial components of glycerine, soy protein, pearl protein, amino acids, and royal jelly. These ingredients help to nourish the hair and seal hair cuticles, resulting in dazzling, flowing hair.

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Credit: @tsubaki_sg/Instagram

All that goodness bottled in sleek black and gives off a sweet, relaxing aroma of rose bouquet and camellia honey fruit. So, if you’ve ever wondered what fragrance Krystal uses, this could be it.

krystal jung hair

Credit: @vousmevoyez/Instagram

This shampoo and conditioner will have you looking like you’re living a lavish life of weekly salon treatments. After all, hair has always been associated with feminine beauty and sometimes it’s the hair that we first notice about others.

Where to buy the Tsubaki Premium EX Intensive Repair products?

We’ve all seen Krystal’s hairstyles change since the early days of F(X), from bleached ends and permed styles to a whole head of coloured hair.

If you have dry or damaged hair caused by chemical treatments and heat and styling, like how most K-pop stars might encounter, this is the shampoo and conditioner combination you’ll want to have.

As the newest addition to Tsubaki’s range of hair care products, and a highly effective one at that, it’s no wonder that Krystal recommends it.

For those with limp and flat hair, you can try out Tsubaki’s Premium Volume & Repair range; or Tsubaki’s Premium Moist & Repair range to tackle dry and frizzy hair — both contain the same Damage Sensor Function and are enriched with Golden Repair Ingredients too.

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At only S$21.90, you’ll be able to find Tsubaki’s Premium Repair products at Watsons, Welcia-BHG, NTUC FairPrice, Don Don Donki, and the official Tsubaki store on Shopee and Lazada. Check out each retail store for their respective discounts!

Refills for both the shampoo and conditioner are also available for purchase.

This article is brought to you by Tsubaki.