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We’re used to seeing K-pop idols with thick layers of stage makeup on, the shiniest glitters and shimmers used to highlight their best features.

But have you ever wondered how your favourite idols would do their makeup on a casual day off?

LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin shows us her go-to beauty routine, from her detailed skincare down to her simple, clean girl makeup look.

She marries both American and Korean beauty trends, featuring a good mix of products and techniques from the two cultures—a true representation of Yunjin herself!

Read on to learn more about all the beauty tips and tricks she’s used since she was a trainee.

Incorporate Beauty Tools Into Your Skincare Routine

Yun-Jin Beauty Tips Tools

Credits: @Vogue/YouTube

For a more effective skincare routine, Yunjin employs the help of popular beauty tools, from both the US and Korea.

FOREO Cleansing Device

YunJin Beauty Tips FOREO LUNA Mini 3

After lathering on a dab of cleansing foam, she uses the FOREO LUNA Mini 3 to massage her face, going in circular motions across her entire face.

You know her FOREO is a beauty must-have when she got her mother to ship one over from the US, since it isn’t available in Korea yet!

The FOREO LUNA Mini 3 retails for S$269 and is available on sephora.sg.

Jans Tulip Gua Sha

YunJin Beauty Tips Jans Tulip Gua Sha

To de-puff and boost her blood circulation, she uses a uniquely shaped gua sha, the Tulip Gua Sha from the Korean beauty brand Jans, to massage her lower jaw and cheekbones.

Unlike your conventional flat gua sha, the tulip design ensures optimal grip and circulation.

The Jans Tulip Gua Sha retails for S$65 and is available on ksisters.sg.

Less Is More When It Comes to Your Base Makeup

Yun-Jin Beauty Tips Less is More

Credits: @Vogue/YouTube

Yunjin uses a tinted moisturiser, the Cell Fusion C Skin Blemish Balm Intensive, under her MAC Cosmetics Studio Radiance Serum-Powered Foundation.

When applying her tinted moisturiser (left) and foundation (right), she uses an incredibly small amount of product. She emphasises the importance of using minimal product, dabbing the pea-sized amount onto her skin directly.

She might be leaning into trendy Korean makeup techniques, particularly those surrounding lightweight base makeup, and how they create a skin-like effect. (That, or she just has really good skin and doesn’t need much coverage.)

It’s a good tip though, considering how thicker layers of base makeup can settle into fine lines and look cakey.

The Cell Fusion C Skin Blemish Balm Intensive retails for S$53.66 and is available on shopee.sg. It is going at S$43.60 at the time of writing.

The MAC Cosmetics Studio Radiance Serum-Powered Foundation retails for S$76 and is available on sephora.sg.

Flip Your Eyelash Curler Upside Down To Curl Your Lower Lash

Yun-Jin Beauty Tips Curl Lower Lash

Credits: @Vogue/YouTube

Yunjin recounts her trainee days, sharing about a skill she picked up when she had to do her own makeup to look her best during her monthly evaluations.

Instead of doing what most of us already do, which is curling our upper lashes with an eyelash curler, she would also flip her eyelash curler upside down to curl her lower lashes.

This causes her lower lashes to fan out, creating more volume and dimension.

Angle Mascara Wand Vertically and Horizontally To Elongate Lashes

Yun-Jin Beauty Tips Mascara Technique

Credits: @Vogue/YouTube

After applying her first layer of mascara, she experiments with different techniques to create the lash effect she desires.

In the video, she uses the Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara.

On the outer corners of her eyes, she will push down her lashes, then fan them out to create an illusion of a wing (left), which will elongate the eye.

To separate her lashes, she angles her mascara wand vertically, coating each strand individually (right). Compared to coating all her lashes simultaneously, this technique decreases the likelihood of your lashes clumping together.

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara retails from S$23.35 on nordstrom.com.

Over-Line Corners of Your Lips and Blend it Over Your Lips Using Your Fingers

Yun-Jin Beauty Tips Lip Liner

Credits: @Vogue/YouTube

Yunjin has the habit of over-lining the corner of her lips, before using her finger to blend her lip liner over her lips.

Lining the corners of your lips is a good way to create a more lifted look!

She also shares that the last makeup product she bought in the states before moving to South Korea to join LE SSERAFIM is the MAC Cosmetics Lip Liner Pencil, which she is using in the video.

Even after moving to the beauty hub that is Seoul, she stays loyal to the MAC lip liner—that’s how you know it’s worth every cent!

The MAC Cosmetics Lip Liner Pencil retails at S$37 and is available on sephora.sg.

Dot Your Beauty Marks and Freckles With an Eyeliner

Yun-Jin Beauty Tips Freckle Pen

Credits: @Vogue/YouTube

Yunjin finishes her makeup by dotting her moles with a freckle pen to darken them, creating more contrast against her base makeup. Any eyeliner would do the trick! In the video, she used the KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner.

Gone are the days when we covered up our beauty marks and freckles—we’re in the age of enhancing these features that make us uniquely us!

The KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner retails at S$37 and is available on sephora.sg