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Washing our makeup brushes is probably one of the most important routines we should do, but always find it difficult to keep up with. Using clean brushes isn’t just a hygiene practice that can keep your skin from inflammation, you’ll also be preventing bacterial attacks that can be fatal.

If you’re hoping to find an easy way to wash your makeup tools but are also on a budget, here’s a hack that was found on Reddit that we love.

A Reddit user recommended using Lego base plates as an alternative to textured gloves and mats that can be a little pricey.

Using a LEGO base plate to wash brushes is an affordable alternative to other methods! from MakeupAddiction

The raised circles on the Lego plate give you texture to scrub brushes. To use it, soak your brushes with soap, then scrub them by running them across the Lego plate back and forth.

A Lego plate costs just SGD4.70 on Lazada and there are colours you can choose from if green is not your favourite.

Sigma Brush Glove 4

In comparison, the popular Sigma brush cleaning glove retails at SGD35, which, by the way, works really well. We’ve tried this brush cleaning glove and thought it was great. The Sigma brush cleaning mat, which seems to work very similarly to the Lego board, retails at SGD45 – and that’s almost ten times more than the price of the Lego board we found.

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