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It’s frustrating when this happens: You’ve reached the end of your favourite lipstick. The remnants of it sit at the base and you struggle to dig it out for final applications. If only there were something you could do about it…

Well, there is!

Daily Vanity has uncovered a few innovative hacks on TikTok that will help you make the most out of your lipstick.

How to get the last bit of your lipstick?


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We are extremely grateful to TikToker @ipsy for sharing the best hack ever with us! In a video, she demonstrates a clever technique that involves scraping out the remaining lip product from the tube.

But what makes this hack truly valuable is what she does next; she transfers the remaining products into smaller containers, allowing us to continue enjoying our favourite lipstick for a bit longer, or at least until we can get our hands on a new one.

How to salvage a broken lipstick?


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Another useful hack we’ve discovered addresses the common issue of a broken lipstick. Dealing with a broken lipstick can be both frustrating and wasteful, but fear not!

This genius hack will not only rescue your broken lipstick but also prevent you from burning a hole in your pocket by buying a new one unnecessarily, all thanks to TikToker @wiwin.samsudin.

In her video, she salvaged her broken lipstick by melting it on a spoon under a candle flame and then transferring it into a small container.

This clever technique allows you to restore your broken lipstick and conveniently use it again without any product going to waste.


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Here’s another clever trick to mend your broken lipstick, and you don’t even have to throw away the tube for this technique.

One of our team members had a broken lipstick, and here’s how she salvaged it. The secret is to melt the broken lipstick and pour it back into the same container. Voila! Your lipstick is good as new.

If you don’t have a small container or simply don’t want to purchase one, this trick would be a great saviour.

Get the most from your lipstick

We are well aware of the expenses associated with purchasing makeup, and yet our passion for lipsticks often leads us to continuously expand our collection with new shades. However, it becomes incredibly frustrating when we are unable to utilise the entire product that we’ve paid for.

To ensure that you extract the maximum value from your beloved lipstick, it’s time to get creative and engage in a little “digging” (and by that, we definitely don’t mean getting your hands dirty!).

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you can do.

1. Buy a mini container

Before you begin the process of scooping out the remaining from its tube, we highly recommend purchasing a mini container in advance. This will not only make the transfer process easier but also help prevent any potential mess.

The mini container retails for only S$3.23 (2g) with 50% off at the time of writing on Shopee.

2. Scoop it all out

Credit: Shopee Malaysia

Next, you’ll need a mini spatula to carefully remove all the products from its original tube and transfer it to the container. This handy tool will allow you to efficiently gather every bit of the product and ensure nothing goes to waste.

Gently scoop out the remaining lipstick and transfer it to the designated container, making sure to collect every last trace of product.

The mini spatula will help you achieve a clean and thorough transfer, ensuring that you can fully enjoy your lip product without any leftover remnants.

This mini spatula retails for S$5.99 on Shopee.

Credit: @wiwin.samsudin

Tips: To achieve a smoother finish for your lipstick in the container, follow this simple technique inspired by TikToker @wiwin.samsudin.

Begin by gently melting the product until it becomes a liquid consistency over a small flame. Once melted, carefully transfer the liquefied lipstick into the container. This method ensures your lipstick remains free from any chunkiness and allows easy application.