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Think about it. Have you ever caught this worldwide superstar without her iconic bangs?

Now try picturing them looking ruffled or out of place as the K-pop rapper executes one hip hop dance move after another. All that hard-hitting BLACKPINK choreography’s bound to introduce some movement in her fringe right? Well, turns out there’s more behind the trendsetter’s beauty trademark.


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ICYMI: MAC Cosmetics unveiled Lisa as the first female K-pop idol to be appointed the M·A·C Cosmetics’ Global Brand Ambassador title.

Lisa’s unshakable bangs

At Coachella 2019, where strong gusts of wind tousled the rest of the members’ tresses resulting in some not-so-glam moments, Lisa’s bangs miraculously held strong against the weather and remained perfectly intact while the group performed the award-winning single “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

Blackpink Lisa Coachella 2019

Catch the full video here.

Her unshakable bangs went viral as bewildered fans joked online about how they must have been “superglued” to her forehead, with some even suspecting that they were clip-on bangs.

BLACKPINK’s hairstylist came forward last year, revealing in an Instagram post that the key to achieving a full set of budge-proof bangs is in blow-drying them down.


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The secret behind Lisa’s bangs

In a recent episode of South Korean television entertainment programme, Knowing Bros, the K-pop artiste herself came forward to disclose her styling tricks to “frying” her immaculate bangs and broke it down into four simple steps for us.

Blackpink Lisa Bangs

1) Curl fringe with hair roller 2) Blow-dry 3) Apply hairspray to the roots 4) Spray end portion of bangs to align them

Although exact product details were not shared (good luck scouring the Internet for news), we’re content with the steps she shared. Here are some products that can help our flat, deflated bangs transcend to Lisa’s level.

Our go-to products

A must-have to achieving luscious, voluminous curls right from home is the hair roller. Great for styling and easy to use, this clip-on roller is gentle on the roots yet large enough to grip onto even the finest of hairs for that maximum blowout effect.

Etude House Hair Roller

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To help with the blow-drying, we love our reliable Tangle Teezer Round brush to amp up our hair game with its intelligent teeth technology. Create an effortless lift and add bounce in bangs easily as the bristles glide through hair, eliminating excess water to deliver an all-over shine and smoothness.

Tangle Teezer Blow Drying Round Tool Small (1)

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While Lisa specified that she uses a second hairspray that’s different from the first one to fix her ends (we’re speculating one’s designed for extra volume at the roots and another for a strong hold at her ends), sticking to the same one would probably do the trick.

Infused with Fluid-Fix Complex and micro-fine particles, this lightweight hair spray works really well on fine Asian hair, giving it superior hold without weighing it down unnecessarily. Add just the right amount of style and shine with this root-boosting mist.

Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist Hair Spray For Volume

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If you’re worried about the humidity messing up your ‘do midway through the day, reach for the Tresemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Spray that works hard to keep frizz at bay for up to 24 hours no matter the weather. This unique product contains double the concentration compared to those typically found on the market, ensuring you receive twice the hold with less product.

Tresemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray

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For that extra hold during an intense head-banging session, be sure to give your bangs another spritz before heading out. It seems like more is more when it comes to emulating the style icon’s look. Next time you chance across a BLACKPINK video, be sure to catch Lisa’s legendary bangs in action (or rather, inaction).