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We love our cushion compacts for the flawless, dewy finish that they provide. However, the beautiful finish comes with a caveat – they typically don’t stay on as long as we hope they do.

This is why cushion compacts may not be your best makeup option if you’re the time-starved who wants your makeup to be unaffected even when you’re caught in the rain, or going for a jog right after work, or if you don’t want any embarrassing moment of transferring your makeup onto your white blouse – or worse, someone else’s!

Can’t you have dewy makeup that lasts all day?

Of course you can! Here are some tips that can help you enjoy your cushion compact while having it stay intact for longer.

1. Prime your skin before you start your routine

Priming may seem to be a redundant step in the makeup routine that many people overlook; most of us jump right into foundation after our skincare routine. But priming can make a big difference in extending your makeup’s longevity. Choose a primer according to your skin type. If it’s dry, you’ll need something hydrating to prevent makeup from flaking, and if it’s oily, opt for a oil-control primer to make sure your makeup won’t smudge.

2. Dab, don’t smear

Smearing on the cushion foundation with the puff makes it more likely to slide off your face. Instead, use the dabbing motion for application. On areas that are more prone to oiling up, such as the forehead, around your nose, and chin, consider the “rolling” method, where you press the product gently across the areas.

3. Pick a cushion that is enhanced with longevity technology

Not all cushion foundations are made the same. If long-lasting makeup matters to you, go for a cushion compact that boasts technology that helps makeup stay intact.

We recommend the Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion BB All Day Wear Liquid Compact SPF50/PA+++. You’re probably already familiar with Estee Lauder’s bestselling foundation, the Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup, which has a strong and loyal following. The brand uses the same longevity technology of its classic foundation in the Cushion BB to make sure you can enjoy fresh and radiant finish, and long-lasting benefit.

Besides being water-, sweat-, and humidity-resistant, the Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion BB gives a buildable coverage that lasts up to eight hours. This means there will be no need for touch-up!

More good news: This product has just introduced a new packaging (it’s gorgeous and we love it!) that you’ll love to flaunt.

Why it works: Formulated with Red Fruit Moisture Complex, it delivers immediate hydration to skin while minimising the appearance of fine lines. It also has a naturally-derived sebum absorber, the cold water kelp extract, to help skin balance its oil production and control shine. Finally, silk powder is in its formula to help prime skin and keep makeup on all day.

4. Set your makeup

Use a finishing mist to set your makeup after you’re done with application. The mist, instead of a finishing powder, will help you retain that dewy look while setting your makeup. However, if you have oily skin, consider dusting a bit of finishing powder just on the areas that tend to get oily (and not the whole face, to keep the dewy look).

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