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From holographic hair to mermaid hair, coloured hair seems to be all the fad these days! Unfortunately, the process to achieve such splashy hues results in dry, damaged and frizzy hair. The vibrant colours also often do not last and tend to fade out after a couple of weeks.

But fret not, we’ve rounded up some neat tricks and treatments to try to give your coloured hair some extra lovin’ and keep your tresses vibrant!

1. Don’t forget treatment

Chemical processes can often leave our hair dry and frizzy and lose its shine. A great hair treatment can put the shine and bounce back to your hair so that your newly coloured hair looks fabulous for longer. Try the Korean Gloss Anti-Frizz Treatment by mi the salon, which is a 30-minute treatment that’s able to make your chemically treated hair extra gorgeous. Results can last up to three months and it is suitable for all hair types.

Check out the results as done by mǐ the salon below:

Our editor, Juliet, tried out the treatment and here is her verdict on it: The process is quick – only 30 minutes – perfect for the time-starved. Note that you don’t get to see the result immediately, but a few days after the treatment, return to the salon for a blow and wash (or do it yourself) and watch the magic unveiled. My hair felt smoother and softer, but with significant bounce and volume. This is definitely something I would recommend to go with any other hairstyling services – colouring, perm or other processes – that you go for.

Price for the treatment starts at SGD218.

2. Invest in colour-retention products

Coloured hair inevitably fades out into a brassy, especially hair that tends towards lighter brown or blonde. Liese, known for their creamy foam hair colour, has extended their expertise in hair colour to help us fight fading hair colour with their newly launch Liese Hair Colour Supplement.

Screen Shot 2018 02 01 At 11.28.00 Am

Using contrasting colours on the colour wheel to revive hair colour, the Liese Hair Colour Supplement comes in three variations for three shades of hair colours – Pink, Ash and Brown. The Liese Hair Colour Supplement is to be used as a home rinse-off treatment, about two to three times a week when hair colour starts fading, to give your coloured hair a new lease of life.

The Liese Hair Colour Supplement retails at SGD17.90 and is now available at Watsons online store.

3. Try an at-home touch-up

If your coloured hair has faded into its bleached, blonde base, consider using at-home colouring products like the L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi Permanent Hair Colour for a quick pick-me-up before your next trip to the salon. The Colorista comes in two forms – in a hair-mask base washout and in the form of a spray can, for added convenience.

Img 9020

The Colorista Spray is a temporary hair colour spray that can simply be spritzed onto hair for a vibrant colour that lasts all day until wash. If a day is too short for you, the Colorista 2-Week Washout Colour will give you vibrant hair for up to two weeks, perfect for when you’re too busy to visit the hair salon!

You can fiind the L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi Permanent Hair Colour Spray at Watsons for SGD 15.90 and the L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi Permanent Hair Washout Colour at Watsons for SGD 16.90.

4. Repair your hair at home

Caring for your hair doesn’t end at the salon, but should continue at home. If you frequently subject your hair to chemical processes, don’t forget to upgrade your hair routine.

Consider incorporating products like the Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector into your regime. Unlike the usual Olaplex No.1 and No.2 that are for salon use, Olaplex No.3 is an at home bond builder that contains the same active ingredients found in all professional Olaplex products!

No3 Min

As with all the treatments in the renowned Olaplex series, Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector works to repair protein bonds that are broken during hair colouring. The product can be used between hair-colouring sessions at the salon, and prolongs colour vitality, vibrancy and strengthens brittle damaged hair! You can enquire from you salon about the product.

Sephora Acai Hair Sleeping Mask 41

For a quick overnight pick-me-up, try the Sephora Acai Hair Sleeping Mask. The Acai Hair Sleeping Mask is specially formulated to protect hair colour as you snooze your way through the night, as well as fight frizz and hair damage. Simply apply to your hair before sleeping, cover with the included cap – and voila! Wake up to visibly brighter and more beautiful hair the next morning with no fuss and minimal effort. This retails at SGD7 at Sephora.

5. Back to basics

Of course, your daily hair routine has a lot to do with how your coloured hair will look. Those who frequently colour their hair would already be familiar with purple shampoo, which is designed to neutralize yellow tones to enhance the vibrancy and health of coloured hair.

If you’re looking for something that perform in the same way, try the Sachajuan Silver Shampoo, a variant of purple shampoo. The shampoo formula is in a bright shade of purple with silver shimmer, and just like purple pigment, it makes your coloured hair look more vivid.

Silver Shampoo

Source: Beautylish

Orig 50

Source: Beautylish

The Sachajuan Silver Shampoo also works to increase hair volume and enhances hair structure to make it look fuller, and retails at Sephora for SGD38.