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We understand the pain of spritzing on some of your expensive perfumes only to have the scent fade away by lunchtime. Singapore’s torrid weather certainly has a part to play!

Good news: we’ve done the work for you and gathered 10 tips and tricks to ensure your perfume lasts throughout the day!

From strategic application techniques to tips from an expert, we explore a range of methods to get the most out of your beloved fragrances.

Apply Your Fragrances Right After Showering

Lasting Fragrance After Shower

Credits: Freepik

If you spritz on some perfume as the final step of your routine right before you leave your house, you’ve been doing it wrong!

To make your scent last longer, apply it right after showering. When your skin is still slightly damp, it acts like a blank canvas, readily absorbing the fragrance.

The warmth from the shower also opens up your pores, allowing the perfume to seep in deeper for a scent that lingers throughout the day.

Keep Your Skin Moisturised

Lasting Fragrance Moisturise

Credits: jcomp/Freepik

Dry skin acts like a thirsty sponge, quickly absorbing perfume and diminishing its scent. For a longer-lasting fragrance, prep your skin with a layer of moisturiser.

Hydrated skin provides a smooth, even base for the perfume to adhere to, allowing the fragrance molecules to linger for hours.

Apply Your Fragrance to Your Pulse Points

Lasting Fragrance Pulse Points

Credits: Lisa Fotios/Pexels

To maximise every spritz, apply your fragrance strategically, focusing on areas like your pulse points.

This includes areas that generate more body heat, such as:

  • Your wrists
  • Inner elbows
  • Behind your ears
  • Neck
  • Behind the knees

This warmth acts like a natural perfume diffuser, heating up the fragrance and allowing it to radiate throughout the air.

Rub Non-Scented Body Cream Over Areas You’ve Applied Your Fragrance To Seal It In

Lasting Fragrance Unscented Cream

Credits: Freepik

If TikTok is where you get your beauty tips, you’ve probably seen the Vaseline hack one too many times. We often get told that the ultimate trick to retaining the scent of your fragrance on your skin is to apply a layer of Vaseline before spritzing on your perfume.

Contrary to popular belief, some noses can detect the scent of petroleum jelly found in Vaseline, which will interfere with the scent of your perfume.

Master perfumer, Roja Dove, recommends a clever trick: apply unscented body cream on top of your perfume!

After applying your perfume to your pulse points, dab some fragrance-free lotion or moisturiser over the same areas to seal the fragrance in. This creates a barrier that helps trap the perfume molecules, preventing them from evaporating too quickly.

If you have dry skin, lather moisturiser onto your skin before applying your perfume, then seal it in with another layer of the same unscented cream.

Mix Perfume Oil With Liquid Perfume

Lasting Fragrance Perfume Oil

Credits: Anete Lusina/Pexels

For a long-lasting fragrance experience, consider layering your perfume. While most perfumes come pre-mixed, a savvy trick involves combining a dab of perfume oil with your favourite liquid parfum.

Perfume oils, due to their higher concentration of fragrance essence, have superior staying power compared to lighter eau de parfums.

Apply a tiny amount of perfume oil to your pulse points, then follow up with a light spritz of your chosen perfume. This layering technique creates a base of intense fragrance that will subtly release the lighter notes of your liquid perfume throughout the day.

Use Similar Scents for Your Body Soap, Lotion and Deodorant

Lasting Fragrance Gift Set

Elevate your fragrance game by coordinating your entire body care routine. Many perfume brands offer gift sets that include a matching body wash and lotion, infused with the same fragrance notes.

Using these complementary products creates a cohesive fragrance experience, deepening the intensity of the combined fragrance.

The subtle notes from the body wash and lotion will gently linger on your skin, providing a base for your perfume.

Spray Onto Area of Your Clothes That Will Not Rub Off on Anything

Lasting Fragrance Clothes

Credits: Freepik

Extend the life of your perfume by spritzing some onto your clothing! While the skin is great for initial fragrance application, it can absorb the scent by the end of the day.

To extend the longevity of your fragrance, spray some perfume onto areas of your clothes that won’t rub against other surfaces.

Fragrance molecules stick particularly well onto the material, providing a gentle wisp of scent even after the perfume on your skin has faded.

The next time you get ready, give your clothes a light spritz to create a personal scent cloud that lingers throughout the day!

Spray Perfume Onto Your Comb Before Combing Through Your Hair With It

Lasting Fragrance Comb Hair

Credits: diana.grytsku/Freepik

Hair acts like a natural diffuser, capturing and releasing scent throughout the day with every movement. This explains why you can often smell someone’s shampoo when they walk by!

Instead of spraying perfume directly onto your locks, which can dry them out, give your hairbrush a light spritz, then comb through your hair, distributing the fragrance molecules evenly.

Store Your Fragrances Somewhere Cool, Dark and Dry

Lasting Fragrance Dark Storage

Credits: cottonbro studio/Pexels

To preserve the lasting power of your perfume, proper storage is key! Avoid locations with fluctuating temperatures or harsh sunlight exposure, as these factors can break down the fragrance molecules.

Opt for a cool, dark, and dry spot instead. Consider a vanity drawer away from the window or a dedicated perfume cabinet. This will keep your perfume’s scent fresh and potent, allowing you to enjoy its full olfactory impact for extended periods.

Dab Perfume Gently Instead of Rubbing It

Lasting Fragrance Dab Wrist

Credits: cottonbro studio/Pexels

Many of us are used to rubbing our wrists together after applying perfume on them. This friction destroys the delicate scent molecules, diminishing the fragrance’s intensity and longevity.

Instead, adopt a gentle dabbing technique. After spritzing your chosen pulse points, simply press them together lightly, allowing the perfume to settle. This softer touch preserves the integrity of the fragrance, ensuring it lingers throughout the day.

Featured image credits: Lisa Fotios/Pexels, cottonbro studio/Pexels