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We can never have too many brushes but there will always the problem of too little storage space. If you’re looking for creative ways to organise your tools, here are five brush holders we think are cute yet functional. Some of them also make cool DIY projects that you can try, and we promise that it’s not difficult to do at all!

1. The Sushi Roll

Looking for a brush holder on-the-go? You’ve got it! Just look for any old sushi mat and elastic ribbon to create this sushi-roll inspired organiser. Then, slot in and out the elastic ribbon through the bamboo sticks. Tie a knot at both ends of the sushi mat when you’re done and you’ve got yourself a brush holder. Roll it up like a sushi and tuck it at the corner of your vanity table. Bahm! Your vanity table is tidy in seconds!

2. Plant pots and rocks

If you’re into gardening and happen to have pebbles left over, this is the perfect solution to making good use of them. Get any small plant pot or even glass holder and pour the remaining pebbles into it. All you need to do next is to slot your brushes in. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

3. Keep those candle jars

Give a second life to jars of used up candles. Remove the remaining wax pucks by freezing it in order to pop it out of the jar easily. Clean the jar with dishwashing liquid and warm water to remove any remaining waxy residue. Stick your candle jars together with superglue, and your brush holder is done. Make it into the shape of a pyramid and you can put more than just brushes into it. This is functionality at its best!

4. Brush Cup Holder

This brush cup holder from Sigma is slowly gaining its popularity overseas. Gather your brushes and just put it into the holder. When you’re done with your makeup, simply snap it close and your brushes will be neat and tidy. If you need that extra storage space, snap open into two to put other things into. Forget about your brushes spilling in your luggage because its snap shut design ensures security. You can buy this product here at SGD35.

5. Mason Jars

Typo, Mason Jar, SGD4.95

Seriously, what can you not do with Mason Jars? Just pick any Mason Jar of your choice and you know what to do next.

6. Water jug

Water jugs can be found easily at any home ware shops, and they are affordable. Find a plain one, decorate it with ribbons or paint to make it your own. Fill it up with huge pebbles or potpourri so your brushes can pop up to a more convenient height.

7. Cookie jars

Cookie jars are another great item you can snitch from the kitchen for your vanity table. They come with a cover, which means you can keep your brushes clean from dust with this setup. Fill the brushes with clear marbles or pebbles to prop your brushes to an ideal height.

8. Toilet rolls

Instead of throwing out toilet rolls, save them for a DIY project like this. All you need are toilet rolls (as many as you think you’ll need), paint, art paper, ribbons, and other craft pieces you want to use to embellish your new makeup brush holder. Tip: Cut the toilet rolls or stick some of them together to achieve different heights to get a layered look.