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Makeup aficionados these days aim to own nothing less than a full set of makeup brushes in every shape and size, just like every self-taught makeup artist on YouTube. For the average person who only need to deal with a daily makeup routine, however, this can be overwhelming and, well, pretty expensive to collect.

If not brushes, then what would you use? Well, there is a far more convenient, easy, and inexpensive tool at your disposal at all times.

Your fingers!

Yes, we aren’t trolling you. While we’re not negating the usefulness of brushes and sponges, our fingers are also an awesome way to complete our makeup look. Fingers are especially great for blending or nicking away smudges and messes in a jiff.

Here are 7 tips to achieve great makeup, even with your fingers!

1. Always start with clean hands

Finger Makeup Application 1

There are no exceptions to this rule. Clean hands are important for general hygiene and health, and this applies when you’re putting on makeup as well.

It is very important to wash and sanitize your hands before starting any makeup application. Nothing could be worse than having dirty fingers coming into contact with your skin.

Keep some makeup wipe, cleansers, and tissues at the ready on your vanity table as well. You may find that you would need to clean your fingers regularly during your makeup application.

2. Melt your primer and foundation between your fingers

Finger Makeup Application 4

Start by pumping your primer or foundation on the back of your hand. With your index or ring finger, dot the product on your face. This actually helps to warm up the product so that it can blend in to your skin better.

Using the pads of your fingers, gently spread and massage the product into your skin. Another method will be to dab your base makeup on to your skin gently, similar to a stippling effect. The warmth of your fingers will help to “melt” the product seamlessly into your skin, to give it a more natural look.

This method works the best with liquid or cream formulations. You’re still going to need a sponge or brush if you’re using a powder foundation.

DV Tip: avoid dragging and smearing the products harshly. The last thing you want is to have uneven streaks across your cheeks.

3. Dab in your concealer with your ring or pinky finger

Finger Makeup Application 2

When your base makeup is done, using a liquid or wand concealer to dab a little product on your finger and rub it between your thumb and ring finger. This will warm the product and make it more pliable.

For the under eye area, using the ring or pinky finger for your concealer will help you reach into the corners of the eye. You can dab or gently blend the concealer until the colour evens out with your foundation.

If you find that your skin is dry, try using the dabbing method. Smoothing out the product can aggravate dry skin and make it peel more.

DV Tip: Using your ring or pinky finger for dabbing in concealer will also help to reduce tugging on the thin skin underneath the eyes, preventing premature fine lines and wrinkles. This is because your rink and pinky fingers have less musculature compared to your index and middle fingers, which means you’ll naturally use less pressure.

4. “Tap and blend” with blushers

Finger Makeup Application 6

A good tip when applying blush is the “tap and blend” method. Dot or tap the blusher on the apples of your cheeks with your middle finger. You may also use your thumb as these two fingers will help to cover a wider surface area.

This method will work the best if you’re using a cream blusher, which has the potential to give you a very natural look if you find a formula that is blendable enough.

You can also go for some extra cheek bling and highlight the top of your cheekbones. Using the middle finger, rub gently on the palette to pick up the product and tap and rub gently above the blush. You will get a better colour payoff with your finger too!

5. The oils on your finger intensifies eye shadows

Make Up Palette Macro

Applying shadow to the eyes with fingers is a more common technique than you might realise. You might notice that even makeup artists would, at some point, use their fingers to pat in eye shadows despite their arsenal of eye shadow brushes. Because of the natural oils on our fingers, it picks up more eye shadow pigment and gives it an extra oomph – try swatching an eye shadow shade with a brush as compared to your finger!

When you are out and about, applying eyeshadow with fingers are way more convenient too. Pinky fingers are great for the inner corners and also lower lash line. With fingers, you can also achieve better control when it comes to blending your shadows together.

6. They’re perfect for blending lip colours

Finger Makeup Application Lips

For your lips, fingers are good for applying and blending colours, especially when you are mixing a few shades. For a sheer application, apply your lip colour to your ring or pinky finger before dabbing it on to your lips. For a stronger colour, apply your lipstick directly as per normal before smooth it out with your finger.

If you want to achieve an ombre effect or the popular gradient lip look, apply a small amount of dark colour in the centre of the upper and lower lip, then blend it out by tapping on the edges with your ring or pinky finger.

7. Remember this general rule of thumb (hah!)

Finger application allows you to control the pressure as you apply your makeup. Your index and middle finger has a stronger pressure, covers wider surface areas, and are easy to control.

The ring and pinky finger gives a lighter pressure which is great for areas with sensitive or thin skin, such as underneath the eyes. Of course, its size makes it perfect for smaller corners and for spot application as well.

Psst! In addition to clean hands, moisturised hands can also give your fingers a softer and gentler touch.