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Want to achieve lashes that are royally gorgeous? There’s no need for supreme intervention. Follow these eight rules and you’ll be on the right track. While you might have broken some of them already, it’s always okay to make a resolution today to start abiding by them!


1. Choose the right wand

Knowledge is definitely power. Choose a mascara that has a wand that can help specifically support what you lack. Have sparse brows that are of good length – go for a volumising mascara. Have droopy lashes? Use a mascara with a curling wand.


Want the best of both worlds? Look out for a wand that has two types of bristles. The new ETUDE HOUSE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara, for instance, comes with a unique wand that is made of a special jelly material. It has ultra-fine 0.2mm bristles to help every lash receive a perfect coating so lashes look thicker and more voluminous. At the same time, it has a arch within the brush, which is a good shape to help hold up the curl for up to 24 hours!

2. Curl before you use mascara


You may break your lashes if you curl after your mascara has dried. Always curl your lashes thoroughly before you apply your mascara. Do it in three parts – at the root, the centre, and then at the ends. This will ensure a nice U-shape curl, instead of a sharp and unnatural V-shape curl. Using a mascara that has the ability to hold up the curl in your lashes can further enhance the curling effect.

3. Don’t pump the wand


It can be tempting to pump the wand a few times, thinking that you can get more formula onto it. Doing so will only introduce more air bubbles into the formula, causing it to dry up faster than it should. Instead, apply immediately after taking the wand out from the bottle. To get a more intense look, simply increase the number of coats you apply.

In the photo, you’ll notice that the ETUDE HOUSE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara has a unique arch in its wand. It’s specially designed to pick up the right amount of formula to volumise your lashes further. This means that you don’t have to worry that you’re not picking up enough formula the first time you pull out the wand.

4. Apply in a zig-zag motion


The way you apply mascara affects how your lashes look. For gorgeous lashes, always apply mascara from root to end in a zig-zag motion to make sure that formula goes from the wand to your lashes. You should be holding the wand parallel to your lash line.

5. Never forget your lower lashes


Forgetting to apply lashes to your lower lashes is like heading out with a great dress without shoes. For an everyday look, simply run the brush lightly over the tip of your lower lashes to give make them darker and more defined. If you’re afraid of smudges, place a card below your lashes to prevent the formula from getting onto your under eye area.

6. You don’t have to stick to black


We probably own a few black mascaras – well, these are good investments because everyone can pull off black, yes, even those with light-coloured hair! Black helps to enhance and define your lashes and eye shape, so it’s definitely a great colour for mascara. However, be experimental and try mascaras in other shades: Brown gives a more natural look, plum enhance brown eyes because of the contrast it offers, and pink presents a playful, cheeky vibe. (Psst, ETUDE HOUSE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara comes in these three colours, but they’re limited edition!)

DV Tip

If you're afraid of trying a bright colour like pink, consider applying it at just the tips of your lashes after a coat of black mascara for an extra pop of colour!

7. Always remove all traces of mascara thoroughly


You’re definitely going to need a makeup remover that’s designed for eye makeup to get everything off. Leaving any traces of mascara behind while you sleep doesn’t bode well for your lash health in the long run. Simply pour the makeup remover onto a cotton pad and let it rest on your eye for 5-8 seconds, then gently dab off every trace of eye makeup.

Try ETUDE HOUSE Mascara Remover, now free with every purchase of the Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara.

8. Strengthen & nourish your lashes

Healthy lashes look better because they don’t break easily and so they appear longer and shinier. So if you want lashes that look more luscious, give it extra love by strengthening and nourishing them with a lash serum like the ETUDE HOUSE Dr. Lash Ampoule. This product is fortified with a specially-formulated vitamin and herbal extract compound that enhances lash health.

dr lash

The ETUDE HOUSE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara (SGD24.90) in Black is available in all ETUDE HOUSE stores from September 2015. The limited edition Brown, Plum Burgundy, and Pink will be available exclusively at ETUDE HOUSE Wisma Atria from September 2015.

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