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We all know makeup is a fun form of self-expression, but have you ever considered doing your makeup to match your personality type?

You might have stumbled across the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test in your free time, or been dragged into doing it with your friends.

This popular test splits personalities into four key elements, and the four-letter code created presents a comprehensive view of your overall personality!

What MBTI Types Are There?

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In total, there are sixteen types of MBTI personalities, but they can be roughly split into four larger spheres.

The NF (Intuition and Feeling) group comprises of INFJs, INFPs, ENFJs, and ENFPs. These people are compassionate and empathetic communicators. They lead with their intuition and enjoy connecting with others.

The NT (Intuition and Thinking) group includes INTJs, INTPs, ENTJs, and ENTPs. They are analytical and logical thinkers, who are naturally pragmatic and good at figuring out complex systems and ideas.

The SJ (Sensing and Judging) group consists of ISTJs, ISFJs, ESTJs, and ESFJs. They are organised and detail-oriented people who are dedicated to what they do and focus on practicality in their lives.

The SP (Sensing and Perceiving) group includes ISTPs, ISFPs, ESTPs, and ESFPs. They are adventurous and love to live in the moment. In addition, they’re easygoing and adaptable, able to think quickly on their feet.

If you relate to any of these types, read on to discover your new go-to makeup look based on your unique personality!

NF Makeup: A Soft and Peachy Look

Credits: @_chaechae_1/Instagram

As an NF type, your communication and understanding skills are likely to be exceptional, reflecting your sensitive and kind personality. So, a gentle and sweet makeup look is perfect for you.

Create a fresh, girl-next-door look by taking inspiration from Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s 2024 Colour of the Year!

By combining peachy blush with simple eye makeup and even faux freckles, this look will let your natural beauty and kindhearted nature shine through.

With this approachable and soft look, you’re bound to make a positive and lasting impression on everyone you meet!

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NT Makeup: A Bold and Glamorous Look

Credits: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

NT types are naturally analytical and fantastic at solving problems with efficient and logical solutions.

With your enviable skills of logic and good judgement, a glamorous red-lip makeup look will show the world that you’re self-assured and confident in your own abilities.

Use a high-coverage foundation and focus on getting the perfect base for a truly flawless look.

Contrast simple, low-saturation eyeshadow and blush shades with a bold red lip to bring out your best and most powerful self!

SJ Makeup: A Simple and Minimalist Look

Credits: @thinkaboutzu/Instagram

If you’re an SJ type, you tend to be more pragmatic and feel more comfortable with what is logical and familiar to you.

Chances are you’ll be drawn to the ‘clean girl’ makeup look, preferring to stick to something simple and natural.

To create that perfect no-makeup makeup, stick to neutral eyeshadow shades in earthy tones.

You’ll never have to be worried about messing up your look – even if you make a mistake while getting ready, it’ll be easy to blend the eyeshadow to match the rest of your skin!

Use a light-coverage foundation to reveal your natural skin’s beauty, and try out gentle and soft eyebrows to complete your gentle and clean look.

SP Makeup: A Bright and Fun Look

Credits: @newjeans_official/Instagram

As an SP type, you’re likely to be fun-loving and free-spirited.

If you enjoy being the centre of attention and love experimenting with your appearance, why not unleash your creativity by playing around with colourful makeup?

Experiment with a range of shades and toy with vibrant colours to draw everyone’s attention.

To add a touch of fun and youthfulness, add a pop of colour with rosy blush that will make you look flushed with excitement.

If you’re headed somewhere special, try integrating sparkly sequins or little stickers into your makeup for a one-of-a-kind look!

Featured image credits: @newjeans_official/Instagram, @jennierubyjane/Instagram.