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Whether you’re focusing on your own comfort or preparing to spice things up with your significant other, feminine hygiene is something we definitely need to pay attention to.

In Singapore’s hot and humid climate, you might have occasionally noticed a particular smell in your intimate areas.

If this experience has bothered you, brands that target vaginal odour may appeal to you, as they claim to solve this issue.

MEDION is one notable brand focusing on feminine hygiene, offering products such as calming cream and foaming wash for your intimate areas.

Recently, their Lacto Remedy Lady’s Perfume Mist has been going viral in Korea for its supposed ability to eliminate body odour in intimate areas.

However, is this product really necessary or healthy? And what can you do to maintain your feminine hygiene safely? Read on to find out more!

What Does This Product Do?

Occasionally, we may be bothered by an unpleasant odour, as well as dryness and itchiness, in our intimate areas.

This could be caused by wearing overly tight clothes, by hot and humid weather, or by menstruation.

MEDION’s perfume mist aims to solve the root of this issue by balancing our pH levels, instead of simply covering the smell with a stronger fragrance.

It uses natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, for a fresh scent. Since it doesn’t use artificial ingredients and chemicals, it’s relatively safe to use.

It also contains probiotics to prevent fungal infections and rebalance vaginal pH levels.

Is It Really Necessary?

However, despite the popularity of this product, it’s not actually necessary for feminine hygiene!

Vaginal perfumes can actually do more harm than good, since they may be too harsh for such a sensitive area.

They may eventually upset your pH balance, meaning that it will be easier for harmful bacteria to spread, potentially causing infections.

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To keep your vagina clean and healthy, you only need warm water!

The vagina naturally has a very acidic environment, which protects against bacteria. This is why many experts refer to the vagina as “self-cleaning”!

Adding chemicals introduces the risk of changing the healthy and normal ecosystem, and can lead to the growth of bacteria and yeast.

Tips For Feminine Hygiene

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  • Avoid any perfumes, deodorants or powders in the vagina. These products contain chemicals that are too harsh for your intimate areas. Warm water and fragrance-free soap will do!
  • Maintain a healthy weight, especially in the inner thighs. A majority of odour is not actually from the vagina, and may be from the inner thighs and folds when sweat accumulates.
  • Refrain from wearing tight-fitting bottoms or underwear too often. White cotton panties are your healthiest option since cotton is a breathable fabric.
  • Be careful with your underwear! Wash it with mild detergent, and try to separate it from the rest of your laundry to prevent any potential transfer of bacteria or odours.

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