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We live in a perpetual summer in sunny Singapore, and an ice-cold cup of boba is what many of us find ourselves reaching for to beat the heat (well, at least temporarily).

If you don’t just want to stop there, though, and are ready to take your undying love for bubble tea to the next level, then we’ve got the hottest new eyeshadow trend for you to try out.

What is the “milk tea” eyeshadow trend?

Picture your favourite cup of boba. Is it a good ol’ classic milk tea? Or perhaps a caramel or chocolate-flavoured one? Essentially, “milk tea” shades remind you of a cup of milk tea – creamy beige and caramel tones with pops of darker browns that are synonymous with pearls.

They give off a soft and natural look and are extremely wearable due to the neutrals involved. To channel that ultimate girl-next-door look, try incorporating some of these “milk tea” eye looks into your everyday makeup routine.

Beauty guru Chin Chin here shows us a chestnut milk tea-inspired look using lighter browns and bronze tones.

Credit: little quiet mirror/Xiao Hong Shu

A coral lipstick works perfectly with “milk tea” makeup looks as well.

How to try the “milk tea” makeup look

If you need some help with your boba-inspired glam, we’ve got a makeup look that will go great with your milk tea accessories and milk tea nails. You know, just so the BBT shop workers might notice you and throw in some extra pearls on your next order.

Here’s how to doll yourself up for your next BBT run:

Step 1: Create a caramel gradient effect

Credit: lin lian hong/Xiao Hong Shu

After priming, start off with a mid-toned brown as your all-over lid colour. Then, choose a slightly darker shade (preferably one with orange undertones) and apply it on the outer half of your eyelids.

To add even more definition and create the illusion of larger eyes, go for the darkest brown shade in your palette and apply it on the outermost corner of your eyelids. Don’t forget to blend between each step!

Step 2: Soften the look by using the same colours in your lower lash line

Credit: lin lian hong/Xiao Hong Shu

For a more natural and cohesive look, you’ll want to use the same or a slightly lighter brown shade than the one you used on your outer eyelids and drag it down to the outer half of your lower lash line.

Pro tip: Using a flatter brush will give you more control at this stage.

To make your eyes appear brighter and more perked up (like what the sight of your favourite cup of milk tea might do), fill in your inner lower lash line with a beige eyeshadow, and blend away any harsh lines between the two tones.

Step 3: Apply brown eyeliner

As black eyeliner tends to look more intense on the eyes, we recommend using brown eyeliner or eyeshadow instead. Using the darkest brown shade in your palette and an eyeliner brush, apply the pigment across your lash line, dragging it out slightly at the end for a winged effect.

It should look something like this when you’re done:

Credit: lin lian hong/Xiao Hong Shu

Palettes with the perfect “milk tea” shades

There’s something undeniably aesthetically pleasing about looking at a full array of neutral shades that are just one or two tones away from each other. Here’s a list of our favourite palettes that you can use to achieve that “milk tea” look!

3CE Multi Eye Colour Palette in Smoother

Coming in first on the list, is this versatile palette by 3CE. It features nine shades that can be blended effortlessly with one another, with a pure and translucent payoff that’s highly buildable.

We’re also loving how it wears on the skin. The porous silica included in its formula makes it such that the oil on your eyelids will be absorbed, which is just perfect to combat the intense heat and humidity we’re used to experiencing in Singapore.

3CE Multi Eye Colour Palette in “Smoother” retails for S$58.48 on Shopee.

Peripera Ink Pocket Shadow Palette in You Know What Mute Is

Next, we have a portable eyeshadow palette from Peripera. This all-matte palette has all you need for a simple “milk tea” look for when you’re in a rush, from shades like “soy milk”, a classic beige that works as an excellent base, to “calming brown”, a rosy deep brown colour to accentuate your eyes.

Peripera Ink Pocket Shadow Palette in “You Know What Mute Is” retails for S$17 on Shopee.

Charlotte Tilbury’s The Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette

For a more luxurious option, treat yourself to the Charlotte Tilbury palette that features all the essential nude and brown shades for an everyday look. We love the addition of the almost-black shade that works perfectly to create smokier looks, making this a great day-to-night palette.

Charlotte Tilbury The Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette retails for S$101 on Sephora.

Matte Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Cool by Huda Beauty

If you’re a fan of strawberry milk tea and want to pay tribute to it on your eyelids, then Huda Beauty’s Matte Obsessions palette in the shade “Cool” is for you.

It includes nine buildable cream-to-powder shades, with some pink shadows for you to play around with and create softer and more romantic looks.

Huda Beauty Matte Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in “Cool” retails for S$48 on Sephora.

Judydoll Eye Shadow Palette in 07 – Caramel Milk

Judydoll never ceases to impress us with their stunning palettes with a combination of mattes and shimmers that work incredibly well to create glamorous K-beauty looks.

If you’re looking for a peachier twist on the classic “milk tea” look, we definitely recommend going for their eyeshadow palette in “Caramel Milk”.

Judydoll Eye Shadow Palette in “07 – Caramel Milk” retails for S$20.42 on Shopee.

Canmake Tokyo Perfect Multi Eyes Palette in 05 – Almond Mocha

Credit: lin lian hong/Xiao Hong Shu

Our most budget-friendly option on the list goes to the “Almond Mocha” palette by Canmake Tokyo, which was also featured in the tutorial above.

It contains five shadows that are all in the same tone of brown, enabling you to blend them easily to create the most seamless and crisp looks.

Canmake Tokyo Perfect Multi Eyes Palette retails for S$16.08 on Shopee.

Tarte’s Tartlette in Boom Clay Palette

This gorgeous palette by Tarte comes in a wide variety of shades, so you’ll definitely be able to create several looks reminiscent of different milk tea flavours. For a brighter look, we recommend applying some of the metallic shades in this palette in the centre of your eyelids.

Tarte’s Tartlette in Boom Clay Palette retails for S$68 on Sephora.

Featured image credit: Marisa and Six-And-Twenty/ Xiao Hong Shu