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Who doesn’t love the allure of bigger, brighter eyes? Double eyelids are a go-to for achieving that look, creating a visible upper eyelid crease that’s considered highly attractive.

But if you have monolids or uneven eyelids and want the appearance of larger eyes, don’t worry! We’ve got tips from a TikTok video by @_lilyis on how to naturally get that double eyelid effect without any surgery.

Stick around for the lowdown on achieving your dream eyelid shape!

How to Determine Your Eyelid Shape

Step 1: Identify the Eyelid Tape You Need

Eyelid tape comes in two types: a thinner one for inner folds and a thicker one for outer folds.


Inner folds start at the corner of the eye, as seen in individuals like Haerin from NewJeans.


Lily (@_lilyis), similar to Wonyoung from IVE, has an outer fold where the double eyelid begins from the outer part of the eye.


Step 2: Locate Your Crease Fold

Using a plastic stick or tweezers, gently press around your eye to identify where your eye line naturally folds. Practice is crucial, so try this method frequently until you find the line that comfortably folds without excessive force.


For those with thick monolids, creating these folds may be necessary, depending on whether you prefer inner or outer lids.

Methods to Even Out Uneven Eyelids or Create Eyelids

Method #1: Falsies Method

The simplest approach is to wear falsies, which are especially effective for thinner monoids. Wearing falsies, especially with a thick band, gradually shapes the eyelid line over time.


Transition to thinner lashes once the desired line forms.


Make sure the lashes provide enough weight for a natural crease!


Method #2: One-Sided Tape Method

Use a single-sided tape for a more natural effect!


Create your eyelid line and place the tape just below it.


Apply the sticker and look straight up.


This method is ideal for makeup-free days or as the final step after completing eye makeup!

Method #3: Double-Sided Tape Method

Ideal for those with natural inner lids, this method involves applying tape with adhesive on both sides to create the desired crease line.


Apply the tape where you want the crease line and adjust it in place.


While it works for natural outer lids, it may appear unnatural when looking down.


Method #4: Mesh Tape Method

Best for thin eyelids, mesh tape is ultra-thin and becomes sticky when wet.


Spritz the tape with water from a distance, stick it on, and look straight up.


This method is commonly used by K-pop makeup artists to create a natural look on idols with uneven eyelids.


Method #5: Eyelid Tape String Method

This intricate yet natural-looking method is suitable for wider eyelids.


Stretch the tape, place it on the crease line, and carefully cut it to fit.


Gently push it in place for a seamless appearance.


Potential Risks of Creating Natural Eyelid Folds

While these methods can naturally create double eyelids, their effectiveness may vary based on the thickness of your eyelids.

Training your eyelids with tapes may lead to saggy and droopy eyelids, potentially complicating surgical procedures if you choose to undergo double eyelid surgery later.

So, be sure to research thoroughly before proceeding, and always practise with caution!

Featured image credit: @_lilyis/TikTok.