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While many love bold and attention-grabbing makeup, a new trend is making waves – it’s all about making your eyes look bigger with a subtle touch!

We stumbled upon a TikTok video by the user @grandmajojo_s, who showed us how to create this simple eye look that can transform your eye shape.

This technique is easy to follow, requiring just a few clever eyeliner and eyelash tricks. We’re here to break down the steps, so you can achieve this captivating eye enhancement!

Step 1: Apply a Light Eyeshadow Base

Start with a soft brown eyeshadow and apply it across your entire eyelid, focusing on your lash line.


To elongate your eye shape, pick up a slightly darker brown eyeshadow on a small, flat brush. Extend it from the middle of your eye outward.


Step 2: Create a Subtle and Sultry Eyeliner

With a light brown eyeliner, create a soft, thin wing at the outer corners of your eyes.


Next, dip a small, flat brush into an eyeshadow that matches your eyeliner’s brown shade. Gently blend and soften the eyeliner to give it a seamless appearance.


Step 3: Creating the ‘Doe Eye’ Look

When it comes to your lashes, opt for a natural-looking lengthening mascara or use subtle false eyelashes to maintain a natural appearance.


To enlarge your peepers, focus on extending your eye shape. Apply small sections of false lashes at the outer edge of your eyeliner. You can glue on individual strands for a more natural look.


To elongate your eyes at the inner corner, use the same brown eyeshadow shade as your eyeliner on a thin brush and lightly fill in the inner corner gap.


Step 4: Line Your Lower Lashes for a Doll-Like Eye Look

For your lower lashes, apply mascara from the centre to the front.


Then, use a light brown eyeliner to draw fine strokes under your eyes to create the illusion of lower lashes.


Using a light brown pencil liner, draw a new lash line to connect the drawn-on lashes.


Step 5: Enhancing the Aegyo Sal With Highlights and Contouring

To complete the look, apply a touch of concealer to fill the gap between the outer edge of your eye near the waterline, and the newly drawn lash line. Carefully blend it out.


Lastly, use a light brown pencil liner to contour your “aegyo sal” (under-eye puffiness) to accentuate your eyes and make them appear larger.



And there you have it! This technique is perfect for days when you want a natural-looking eyeshadow look that still leaves you looking stunning!

Featured image credit: @grandmajojo_s/TikTok.